I love the smell of gunpowder in the morning….part two

In preparation for a Thanksgiving recon excursion into the Hauser wilderness I dusted off my old sporterized Mosin-Nagant bolt action carbine and took her out this morning.

I was quickly reminded why I don't shoot it much.  The action is stiff and rough and the 7.62 x 54R round kicks like a mule through that short barrel.

Satisfied (and a bit sore) I loaded up the loose rounds.

Then I practiced a bit with a snub nosed Smith and Wesson Model 60 .357 Magnum, though I was shooting .38 specials through it.

Then back home to clean the weapons and begin packing for border ops 26-30NOV08

With the rifle back in the rack

And the Cowboys back on track

Life is good!
I plan on being on the border, rain or shine, (and the forecast looks nasty) 26NOV08.  If it looks like it's gonna be rainy I may leave Hot Shot at home.  It took me a week to get the wet dog smell out of my truck the last time we patrolled together in the rain.
Semper Vigilans.                                                   


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