Border Update 17-19OCT08

Hot Shot and I departed around 0910 and arrived in Jacumba at 1110.

 At 1210 we stopped at Camp Vigilance.

 The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC) was having their October month long muster and many members of the Border Patrol Auxiliary were there as well.  I visited with old and new friends alike, then headed to Red Shank, the entrance to the border road at Tierra Del Sol.  At 1225 I called Campo BP to let them know I was in the area then set off westbound.  About a mile or so I encountered a BP agent and stopped to chat.  I asked him if anything was happening and he replied, “Yea, we just caught two around the 150.  A guide and a chinaman!”  He also told me that there have been numerous drug runs of late, at night between the 134 and the 136.
 I pressed on.  The new fence construction hasn’t made it to Smith Canyon yet and the border at the bottom is as wide open as ever. 

I stopped at various places between Smith and La Gloria and on into La Gloria canyon to marvel at the new fence construction.

By 1330 Hot Shot and I were at the barren Patriot Point.


We briefly visited with some BP ATV trainees and viewed the new memorial plaques, then headed on westbound toward Tecate to monitor more fence building progress.  The fence building progress briefly impeded our forward progress just east of Cap Rock.

 By 1410 we were in Bell Valley and we made it to Tecate by 1430.

 Then we headed back toward Campo on Highway 94.
  Several of us had been approached in missions past by BP agents who suggested we might set up Observations in Hauser Canyon.  I set off to find the entrance and by 1515 I was at Lake Morena. 

I spoke with a Ranger there who told me where the entrance road to Hauser was, but also informed me that there were several locked gates making travel into the canyon impossible.  We toured the Lake’s campgrounds then headed to the Horsepuckies ranch.  We arrived at 1600.

 Weasel was already there working vigorously on Lil Dog’s old RV, tearing out the insides and prepping the outside for paint. Lardog showed up shortly after my arrival and after shootin’ the shit for a while we deployed to the line. With Weasel and a BP scope truck were at the Point and Lardog at the Donut hole I set off on patrol to the west.  After making a pass to Cap Rock I returned to the 127 turnout.  There I visited with a BP agent who informed me that seven had been caught below Zuellners just prior to my arrival.  Hot Shot and I watched the 241 from 127 until 2230 then patrolled to the east.

By 0000 18OCT we returned to the Horspuckies ranch and retired in the 5th wheel.
0630- We left The Horsepuckies spread and headed down Shockey Truck to the line.  Kingfish was in his customary position and Hot Shot and I stopped for a visit. 

By 0720 we were on our way again and at 0800 we rolled up to the Donut Hole.  There was an SUV parked in the bushes in the dip of the lower fork road in Mexico south of the 241. 

This is a spot where I have watched many groups stage, so Hot Shot and I decided to stay and observe for a while.

  While on watch a BP agent came by to inform me that earlier that morning, about 0600, they had caught one of two high pointers on the 241.  At 0900 we left the line and hit the hardware store to get some masking tape for the days painting of the old RV, soon to become the mean green Mountain Minutemen rolling command post.
 At the Horspuckies ranch Weasel was already spraying the RV with olive drab. 

The one can we had didn’t stretch as far as we had hoped so I headed back to the hardware store in Campo to have some more paint mixed.

Then I headed back to the ranch. 

After watching the painting for a while and receiving orders to unload the Deuce and a half, I set off for Oneil Valley to deliver a Tri-Tip to the MCDC/BPAUX fence celebration and BBQ.

 I briefly visited with the patriots on hand there and took some photos and video of the awesome fence there. 

It was nice to see our tax dollars finally put to some good use.
Then we headed back to the ranch, passing, on the way, members of the Mountain Minutemen who were headed for the BBQ.
 Hot Shot and I arrived at the ranch at 1400 and with nobody there to “supervise” I set about unloading the Deuce and a half and sorting the good materials from the junk. 

Then loaded the good stuff into the horse trailer as per Horsepuckies directive.  By 1530, with the bed of the Deuce swept and cleared we headed back to the line.

 I had rolled up a bunch of the garbage and old shredded tarps into a tarp and strapped it to the truck, thinking I would dispose of it in the dumpster on the g-road by the old Corps of Engineer depot.  But when I got there the dumpster was gone.  I doubled back to Cameron Corners and, thankfully the dumpster and the corner store was unlocked.  I unstrapped the long bundle of trash, which looked, for all the world, like a shrouded body, and heaved it into the trash.  In doing so my shirt came up, exposing my sidearm.  As I turned toward the truck and pulled my shirt back over my Glock I saw a wide-eyed young girl watching me. She looked astounded and afraid.  I can’t help wondering if she went home and told her schoolmates about the pistol toting man who she saw dumping a body in the trash!
  When I arrived on the border, I was greeted by a spotter on the 241 so we set up observations at the 127 turnout.  The spotter gophered his head up now and then and I made BP Tecate aware of the intruder.

At 1650 I was pleased to be joined by my old friend Big Bob.  Big Bob was the first man to give me a tour of the area when I came to Campo for my initial mission there in April of 2006.  He took up position at the Donut Hole so we could corral the 241 high pointer.  With a BP agent at Zuellner’s high point and ATV agents patrolling, the illegal had nowhere to safely send his traffic.  Our deterrence was effective and at some point he left the 241.  As night fell, elements of the MCDC arrived on the line.  Big Bob re-positioned to the grassy knoll, the area where BP had mentioned recent drug smuggling incursions.  Wildcard was at the Point and MCDC men held the Donut Hole and the Couch trail.  It was good to see so many Patriotic civilian observers from various groups working together to help secure the Homeland.

 In addition extra security added by the fence and the private security agency guarding the equipment, there appeared to be many more  BP agents on hand during this weekend on the border.  Maybe someone is finally getting the message.
 Hot Shot and I left the line by about 2230, spent the night in the 5th wheel at Horsepuckie’s and then headed for home at 0400 19OCT08.
While deterring the invasion may not be as exciting or glamorous (or interesting to read about) as apprehending illegals, it is an essential element of border watch. Seeing so many men and women watching the line has to be frustrating for the would-be invaders.  That, coupled with new fence going up and daily workers in the area has really put a crimp in the invaders style.  But we mustn’t become complacent.  Our enemies, foreign and domestic are counting on us to become complacent and demoralized.  Don’t give them what they want!  Join us on the border!  Be part of Homeland Security in whatever way you can.  Feel free to contact me at for details, or contact any of the other border observation groups in your area.  Your country is counting on you.
  I hope to return to the line for my 3rd annual Thanksgiving border watch on or about the 26th of November, or sooner if possible.  My personal commitment is to on the line at least one weekend a month and I have been consistent with this commitment since June of 2006.  Won’t you join us?
Semper Vigilans,

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