Painful Training Day

13SEP08- Day 4 of 11 days of “Executive Protection” training.
Taser Training video
As luck would have it I was a training anomaly.  It was a situation we had discussed and trained some for, though the instructor’s intent was not to cause this variation, it just happened.  The men who were tased before and after me were dropped instantly.
 As you see in the video when the instructor tased me I did not fall.  The probes hurt but I remained standing, thinking for a second that I was Superman and impervious to the attack.  This was not the case, as you will see.
 The further apart the probes are from each other, the more effective the jolt.  In my case the probes stuck right next to each other. They hurt, but all I felt was a slight tingle, then an involuntary spasm in my right leg.  Apparently a probe came loose too, but we had learned that the electricity from the probe can penetrate two inches away from the skin if it’s hung in clothing.  However the combination of one probe coming loose and both probes being so close together necessitated a “drive stun.”
A drive stun is where you advance on the individual and actually press the taser onto him thereby completing the circuit.  The result was instantaneous and rendered me quite incapacitated.  And it hurt like hell.
 Here is the video.  Enjoy!

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One response

  1. You felt it in your what Charlie Uno? ~snicker~
    You are the champion! Thank you for taking the pain and endurance that
    went with this class to keep us safe C1. This nice tool will probably
    wind up saving your life.

    September 27, 2008 at 22:14

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