Red Army, Red Hand and Golf 1 patrolled the Tecate sector, zone 28 in an orderly military manner on Saturday 13SEP08.  As usual, Red Army submitted his excellent after action report and as usual I give the now oft repeated disclaimer:
Red Army is but the radio call sign of this dedicated patriot, historian and WWII re-creator. He is not the Soviet son of a bitch he sounds like. He is true to character however in this, the latest


This is an Official Communique from the Political Department of the Red Army, Southern Front HQ.

Re: After Activity along Southern Front on 9/13/08.

Golf 1 and Red Army departed for the front after fueling vehicles and stomachs, intent on rendezvous at the Golden Acorn Casino with Comrade Red Hand, Red Army's father. Rendezvous, requisite bullshitting, and gear transfer between trucks complete, the comrades departed for the Front. Upon arrival at Patriot Point, the comrades geared up. Hydrated and with a successful radio check, the comrades departed along the border road, noting the distinct lack of NKVD Border Guards, an absence that would continue most of the AM hours.

Given this was Comrade Red Hand's first trip to this sector of the front, the morning was largely dedicated to his familiarization with the area of operations and the terminology with the various landmarks.

While a donut hole, Red Hand discovered, sitting on a large rock just down from the road, a folding CRKT brand knife with leather lanyard. It was well used, high quality, and razor sharp. If any comrades are missing said blade, it has been recovered.

While patrolling around the west side of 241, a distinct set of tracks was spotting crossing the border road and vanishing into the heavy brush down the north side embankment. The three comrades stopped and investigated. The brush only appears to be heavy on the north side, as it was discovered to have been hollowed out considerably, and the barbed wire fence to Zullner's ranch has been pushed down and wedged that way with a large branch (which was corrected). The set of tracks looked like two individuals, likely scouts, and was quite fresh. Knowing not to cross private property without permission, the comrades moved on down the road. Not fifty meters further, approximately halfway between 241 and cap rock, comrade Golf 1 spotted high pointers approximately 40 meters from the fence, with optics and walkie-talkies. Using the turn about at the base of 241, the comrades kept these three under observation as they motioned to people we could not see in a gully in Mexico just behind their position. Soon after, these three disappeared into the brush.

This was the only contact with potential IA's all day. The three comrades continued on to Bell Canyon and the train tunnel. This was cleared, and it was noted that there was a huge amount of fresh tracks from the Mexican side of the tunnel in the sand inside. Additionally, if you are still and quiet, the pigeons that live inside the tunnel will return after you have spooked them. Comrades note, the presence of birds DOES NOT indicate that the tunnel is empty of people. Also, the beehive on the east side of the tunnel entrance was quite active. Comrades, be advised!

The three comrades patrolled back toward the point, ascending 241. There were new discarded Mexican label Coke bottles scattered on the American side, but no spotters were detected there all day. From Donut hole the comrades moved east, patrolling out through La Gloria Canyon. There was very little sign of fresh crossings. Quite a bit of new fence construction and road widening was also taking place.

In the course of patrol Comrade Horsepuckies arrived. A comrade's war council was convened in the field, wherein all our tactical problems were solved through the expert application of jokes about tits and CA legal length bullshit.

Around 1300hrs the NKVD Border Guard presence increased markedly, being on par with the norm Golf 1 and Red Army have observed. We gave a detailed report of the contact we had near ZHP. NKVD Border Guard later reported that the individuals whose tracks we had spotted had been apprehended near Highway 94, and that they had the area we had indicated near ZHP under observation.

The three comrades remained on station until 1900 hrs before returning to the Casino. Inside they were greeted by the sad smell of stale smoke, desperation, and burned trans-fats. But the food was hot and there was a lot of it. Two cups of coffee for the road per comrade and the three then departed the Front.
No suspected transvestites were spotted by Golf 1 in the restaurant on this occasion.

End of Report

"The time is near at hand which must determine whether Americans are to be free men or slaves."

-George Washington-

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