Border Update 26-30AUG08

Hot Shot and I departed our home 20 on Tuesday 26AUG08 at 1100.  This dog loves to ride shotgun and can go the whole way without a fuss.

 We arrived in Jacumba at 1315 and topped off my gas tank.  Hot Shot got out and sniffed around but declined to pee or drink water.  I did both.
  As usual we took the old Highway 80 to the 94 westbound but at La Posta I decided to drive back north and visit the new “Pine Valley” Border Patrol Station.

 This is where the old Campo Station has moved. El Cajon/Tecate BP is using the old Campo station for processing.
 By 1430 we arrived at the Point.  With Lil Dog gainfully employed and offsite at the time, our charge was to man (and dog) the Point and protect it against all intruders, foreign and domestic, until relief arrived. After insuring that the area was clear, (except for “Ghillie Gus” who had remained on duty since my last foray) I unpacked and Hot Shot relaxed under Lil Dog’s old truck. I raised the Gonzalez Flag on the empty flagpole, daring all in view to visit me at their peril.

This Texan’s heart swelled with pride as I watched the fluttering standard.


At 1715 a horseman in Mexico rode directly in front of the Point and waved.

At 1830 The BP helicopter flew over and also waved by wagging his wings.
At 1900 A BP agent in a scope truck stopped by to visit for a while.

 We talked for about twenty minutes while he rigged a laser up in the scope then he went on his way.

At 2245 a BP agent stopped by to report that they were getting “hammered” on all sides.  I bemoaned that Hot Shot and I were alone and would stay true to our 5th general order, not to leave our post until properly relieved.  Though “Ghillie Gus” was ever vigilant, I could not justify leaving the Point.

I went to bed in the back of Godzilla at 0000 Thursday 27AUG08. Almost simultaneously the huge stadium light to the south on the Mexican Highway came on and beamed our direction.  That pissed me off.  Was it a signal or a coincidence? It had not been on all night until I decided to retire. I invited Hot Shot to join me and he hopped up in the back of Godzilla but grew restless after about half an hour and decided he wanted to sleep outside.
I awakened at 0520 and assumed my position in a chair facing west where I could look down the line toward the 241.
At 0810 a Mexican military style helicopter came from the southwest and flew east along the Pemex road.

  I watched him until he went over the horizon. I would see him three of the next four days.
At about 1220 Horsepuckies stopped by, joined soon after by my old friend 36, who brought me lunch.  We sat in the shade generously provided and installed weeks before by Terry and Elaine, solved the world’s problems then they were both on their way.
 At 1520 Gadget unexpectedly and without precedent drove up to the Point with Shawna Ford filming. This pissed me off and still does.  Ms. Ford is a Gilchrist sympathizer and it is not the first time Gadget has facilitated my photo being posted on the web without my consent.  I told Shawna she did not have permission to film and she tried to tell me it was ok with Lil Dog.  I doubted that she had talked to him and called her bluff by phoning Lil Dog who confirmed that she was an unwelcome intruder, at least while her damn camera was on.  She stuttered and stammered and dropped Glenn Spencer’s name.  I told her I admired Mr. Spencer’s work but what did that have to do with her coming up unannounced with a camera rolling? Why do people get so stupid and discourteous when they get a camera in their hands?  I politely asked them to leave and they did.
At 1740 Hot Shot and I patrolled the entire perimeter at the base surrounding Patriot Point.
  At 1813 the BP helicopter flew over.  As I saluted him  and, instead of wagging his wings, this time he flew low and hit his siren!
I rigged up Godzilla with motion sensors and a 12 volt “front porch” spotlight and well as a fan.

  Around 2145 Someone hollered loudly from the west.  It sounded like it was just north of the tank trap and, while I could not understand what was said the tone was sort of a “Hey Wait Up! kind of sound.  A bit further north a more muffled voice responded with a kind of angry “shut up, I’m over here, inflection.  I phoned BP who responded within the hour further north, but I never heard what, if anything became of it. 

I went to sleep about 0000 Thursday 28AUG08 Hot Shot slept up in Godzilla with me until 0310 when a motion sensor went off.  A BP scope truck was coming up the back road to the Point. Hot Shot and I got out to greet the agent.  He said as he was coming up the border road from the west he startled four would-be intruders trying to come across in that favorite spot below the donut hole.  He wanted to use the Point to scope the area to see if he could locate them.  He did not.

 I made a pot of coffee, drank one cup then fell back asleep.  I awakened at 0720.
At 1000 I was binoing the area to the west and saw a curious sight.  Two men were running east on the Pemex behind the 241.  I kept waiting to see what they were fleeing from but never saw anything else.
  At 1215 Grupos Beta drove east down the Pemex behind the 241. I grew bored and entertained myself by playing my “Guitmandele,” a ukelele I have strung with guitar strings and tuned like a mandolin. It’s twang, along with my singing, were sure to send any potential invaders BTM.

  At 1500 Horsepuckies stopped by for a visit and brought me some much needed ice.
  At 1700 Shorty and Wildcard arrived at the Point.  I could finally go mobile!
  At1800, with Hot Shot riding shotgun, I headed west. 

I encountered an eastbound BP agent by the 5 Star who informed me that two spotters had just ran up the backside of the 241.  Hot Shot and I pressed on westward to the base of the 241 then turned around and headed back east. When we got to the 127 turnout and agent informed me that no sooner than I had passed the 241 the spotters had pushed a group of eight through to the north and agents were on foot tracking them.  Meanwhile Hot Shot and I decided to stay at the 127 turnout as we could see the spotters poke their head up from time to time and didn’t want them to attempt to cross another group.  We stayed there for a while, both of us sitting in the truck, kind of bored. All at once Hot Shot stood up on alert and stuck his head out of the window to the south with his ears perked up. I looked that direction in time to see a man duck behind a bush half way down the 241 just above where the fence ends.  My trusty K9 had spotted him before I did, indeed I might never have spotted him had it not been for Hot Shot.  As the man was in America when we saw him I called it in.  Then we drove over to the fence on the west base of 241 where the man had disappeared.  There is a culvert there and I did not want to allow the bastard to slip through it unnoticed.  I told Hot Shot to stay in the truck, an order he usually obeys. But when I got up close to where the fence stops I turned in time to see the dog bound from the driver’s side truck window and race past me.  I hollered for him to stop, as he was about to head into Mexico.  He stopped, but not before flushing another “POI” who had slipped down close to me unnoticed!  Hot Shot sent both the men scrambling back up to the top of 241!!  What a dog!!  After a bowl of water and several well deserved dog biscuits we went back to the 127 turnout in time to view one of the vanquished Mexicans give us the finger.  Then an agent came by and I told him of my K9’s valiant effort.

We stayed there until well after sundown and, as I was checking my lights, another agent pulled up.  “You got anything Charlie?” he asked.  “No, just making sure my lights all work”, I said. But the fact that he asked speaks volumes.
  Let me take this opportunity again to say what a fine bunch of men the BP agents from El Cajon, especially the Tecate sector, zone 28 are.  I do not mean to belittle any other agents or stations, but it has been my experience that this group of guys are the hardest working bunch of agents I have had the pleasure to work beside.  They give us intel and we reciprocate.  They welcome our efforts and seem grateful for the extra eyes and ears.  I am honored to work with these men.
 Hot Shot and I patrolled east to the new construction pen at the 141 then headed back to the Point.  Hot Shot opted to sleep under Godzilla, at least until a thunderstorm rolled in in the middle of the night, when he more than willingly joined me inside the old Suburban.  We slept until 0730!

Friday 29AUG08- Three years to the day of my first border operation.  It was with now defunct “Friends of the Border Patrol” on a hilltop in Tierra Del Sol.

 I was sitting in my chair pondering all the missions I had been on since then when the phone rang.  It was 36.  He was in Tucson heading east.  He was being deployed with the Red Cross to San Antonio to help with Hurricane Gustav. He is a one of many great Americans I have had the pleasure of serving with these past three years.
 By 1230 I was gearing up for an assault on the 241.  Two spotters had been seen up there and I was not content to sit idly by while they pushed more groups through.  Wildcard manned the Point with her eagle eyes and Shorty drove me and Hot Shot to the base of the hill. Shorty said he didn’t like the idea of me going up there alone, but I reminded him that I was not alone.  I had my trusty K9 with me.

 As Hot Shot and I ascended the 241 the Mexicans on the top were barking at him.  But when we reached the summit and made it clear we were there to stay for a while they retreated and we followed them off the south side of the hill.  At the bottom one of the men turned and, again, we were the proud recipients of a middle finger.

 We explored the entire mountaintop on both sides of the border.  I was appalled at the amount of trash that had accumulated since my last visit up there.

  Indeed it was obvious they had been pushing many groups of illegals through from up there.

 One agent told me they estimated there had been fifty or so up there one night just prior to my arrival.  Everywhere I wandered if Hot Shot was not right beside me he had my back and I even noticed him checking his own 6.

 After insuring that the two men where not going to try to come back up, we settled in the rocks to the north of the flag. I watched two men hurriedly go BTM below the Donut Hole and walk south on the Ranchita Road.

About an hour after that two cars drove north up the Ranchita and turned east on the Pemex.  They stopped under the first shade tree, got out and appeared to watch me watch them.  One of the cars was that damn slate colored Mercury Grand Marquis which I have seen ferry so many groups up to the border in the past and which BP say has California plates.  After about thirty minutes or so they got back in their vehicles and headed south back down the Ranchita road and on to the highway.  A scant ten minutes after that, a Tecate PD pickup came from the east on the Pemex and also turned south on the Ranchita road and headed for the highway.
Fidelis had showed up on the line by then and took up position at the 5 Star.

By 1640 we were ready to descend, Hot Shot having drank four bottles of water and a good deal of the Gatorade from my hydration bladder.  We were out of liquids and had been up there almost four hours so it was time to go.  Shorty drove to the base of the hill to perform the extraction.

  At 1745 Hot Shot and I rolled east to “The Oaks” so Hot Shot could have a visit with his puphood buddy Dozer, Sgt Major’s dog.

 They played and Sgt Major and I talked for a while then we continued our patrol to the west. We stopped at the base of the 241 where I spoke briefly with the security guards for RMA construction, one of the fence contractors.  I asked the men if they knew about the Cap Rock killings that happened just to the east of where their security shack is located at the Ag Loop.  Their eyes got wide and they said nobody had ever told them about it.

 I ended up sitting at the 127 turnout again for awhile and an agent came by and told me that  at Imperial Beach the BP had busted a bunch of Illegals who had painted a truck to look like a Keiwit vehicle, another one of the fence contractors.  They stuffed the tool boxes with bodies and tried to run over an agent who, thankfully threw a spike strip down in time.
 He also told me that when they catch a guide they will send him far away to be processed.  Recently they apprehended on of the 241 guides and sent him to Texas so that he would be sent back to Mexico a good distance from his area of operation.  He was back on the 241 the following week.
 Hot Shot and I decided to call it a night and on the way back to the Point, by the tank trap we encountered another agent.  He stopped me and told me that that some agents had just busted a group by the new Tecate POE. After they got to the processing station it was discovered that one of the illegals was covered from head to with measles. Small wonder why there is an upsurge in this and other diseases that were once thought to be under control.
Saturday 30AUG08 We got up at 0730 to an ominous black sky. 

It soon started to drizzle.  Me and my K9 unit hit the road at 0920.  On the way we heard on the radio that there were flash flood warnings for Smith Canyon and Portrero creek. It rained almost all the way home.

 I want to thank Shorty and Wildcard for coming up to spell me.  Shorty had Lil Dog’s old Motorola Radius200 radios worked on and souped up.  Man do they ever work!  From the backside of Cap Rock I could hear the Point clear as a bell and spoke with Ronbo  at his house once as he radioed in some spotters on the 241.  Shorty was always ready to help in any way and I appreciate that.
 Wildcard is ever vigilant and it is reassuring to know she has  her eagle “eyes on” when we are on patrol.  Thanks Wildcard!
 Thanks to Horsepuckies for great conversation,  constant support and, of course, the ice. It is good to know he is a scant few miles to the northwest if I ran into trouble. He is the man that, in addition to all his chores at his ranch, schedules all the minutemen and supports their efforts.
 Glad Fidelis made it up for a while to keep an eye out below while the big dog and I were storming the 241.
 Sorry I missed Red Army, Rubber Ducky and Catwalk on Saturday but we were beat and ready to head home. I hope y’all gave ‘em hell!
 Thanks to all the Patriot Point Posse members who so valiantly serve, even when it is not convenient to do so.  We will need a concerted scheduled effort to keep the Point manned and the border secure.  I know you guys and gals are up to it.
 Lil Dog manned Patriot Point 24/7 for nearly three years.  I can’t thank him enough.  It’s a shame a man’s got to work for a living but I  sure do admire all his efforts.
 I heard the Immigration Watchdog website is shutting down.  I want to thank you Watchdog for keeping up a great site and for all your efforts in our fight to secure America.  Best of luck in your next adventure!
 Thanks to everyone else I have served with these three years.  While our efforts at times seem futile they do make a difference.  I doubt that these fences would be being constructed had it not been for your constant outcry.
 The men and women of the United States Border Patrol have a frustrating, thankless job.  I cannot convey adequately how much I appreciate their efforts, especially those I serve beside in zone 28 of the Tecate sector, El Cajon Station.
 And special thanks to all who have loved and cared for Hot Shot all these years.  He lived on the border and chased illegals before the Minuteman Movement even started!  For his efforts he was gutted and left to die by illegal invaders.  Shirley, Sgt. Major and Lil Dog took him in and cared for him and every person to visit the Point fell in love with the boy.  I am proud and honored to serve with him and to give him a “forever home”.  As I write this he is asleep next to me in my office, indeed he rarely leaves my side. Today he went to dog park for the first time and then to the shooting range.  He also had a bath, which pretty much means I had a bath too.
 He is now the head of K9 security at the C1 compound.
  I will be participating in some specialized tactical training for the next six weekends so Hot Shot and I will not be back on the border until mid October.
 God Bless you all and God Bless the United States of America.
 Semper Vigilans,

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  1. J J

    Charlie, Every time I read your postings, they take me back to the "line"!

    September 3, 2008 at 07:08

  2. Thanks to JJ, Bonfire and all who read this blog and support it's mission!

    September 3, 2008 at 20:02

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