Border Update 5-11AUG08

Border update 5-11AUG08

  During August I have a bit more time off work and choose to spend more time on the border than usual.  My plan was to arrive on the border at some point during the week of 4AUG, contingent on whether I got picked for a jury when I reported as ordered on Monday 4AUG.  I served my day and was not picked so Tuesday I did chores and packed up for a week on the line.  My plan at that point was to leave early Wednesday morning, but after receiving an unexpected call from the border, I opted to leave Tuesday night.  I left the C1 compound at 1800 and arrived in Jacumba about 2000.  I proceeded down the scenic Hwy 80 to the 94 and was at Patriot Point by 2050.
 At 2145 R4DAR took Portholes and Hunter in the Raptor to a position close to the Couch trail. R4DAR would ferry men all day and night the entire time week I was there, as well as run to the store and man the radio shack.  The young man did one helluva job under unexpected and less than ideal circumstances.

 When R4DAR returned I set off on patrol west on the G- road.  It was a quiet night and by 0130 I retired to the back of Godzilla for a good night’s sleep.
 I awakened Wednesday 6AUG08 at 0645 and was on patrol by 0700.  By 0745 I was at the east base of Cap Rock and decided to take a solo Tecate cruise.

I spotted no intruders but evidence of entry was everywhere. 

There was no fence building activity west of Cap Rock except for two surveyors just east of Tecate.

 Every time I have cruised the border road to Tecate I have taken the same road back.  Instead, that day I decided to connect the dots and take the highway back.  I stopped at a high point above Tecate where a BP agent was parked and got directions from him as to how to get out.

Then I unloaded Ms. Mossberg, locked her in the toolbox and headed out the 188 to the 94.  Just west of Potrero I spotted two suspicious characters walking down the road.  I pulled over and was about to call BP when two agents came down the road, pulled over next to the two men, handcuffed them and threw them in their van.

 I returned to the line and set off on patrol again.  I think the combination of the heat and the large number of surveyor and construction crews in the area made for a slow week.
Hunter and Portholes deployed to the summit of the 241 and I was at the Donut Hole by 1550.

 At 1625 a POI popped his head up in the gully below and just east of the donut hole.  This is a favorite entry point.  The POI made eye contact with me and began to run south.  I took off on foot in pursuit but he was quicker and closer to the border than I was and got away. 

Almost immediately a BP agent rolled up on the scene and asked if a man had come through.  I explained to him what had just happened and he got frustrated saying he had been trying to get that guy from all the way down on 94.  The POI was one of four and they had caught the other three and the one that got away was his. I used this as a great example of why it would be to BP’s advantage if they could communicate with us directly on occasion.  Had I known the illegal was on his way up that trail I could’ve been waiting for him.

 After BP left I extracted Portholes and Hunter, who unfortunately had been watching the west side of 241 when the POI went BTM.  On my way to take them back to the Point I stopped at the break in the “fence” where the POI had slipped through.  While they watched my truck I took a little international excursion and found where the groups lay up prior to coming through there.

 At 1730 I drove to the 141 where a  construction company has built a chain link pen to house future fence building equipment. 

I binoed the horizon and noticed Kingfish sitting in his position east of Smith canyon.  In the spirit of the Association of Dedicated Independent ObserverS (ADIOS)

 I gave Kingfish a courtesy call on the phone, exchanged pleasantries and intel, wished him well, then terminated the call and headed back west.  On the way I talked to Gadget who was repairing the range fence by the 239.  I pressed on and spoke with Sgt Major who said he thought he had heard a chain saw in the night.  Which reminded me that in the nights prior to my arrival, Infidel passed on in report that he had been on duty by the 5 star when an estimated 30 intruders invaded during the wee hours of the morning.  The last man in had a leaf blower to wipe out their tracks!!!
 By 1830 I was back at the donut hole and decided to make me a little covert observation post to watch the well-traveled gully between the 5 star and the Donut hole.  I stayed alone in that layup in the rocks from 0300 to 0530 Thursday 7AUG08 but detected no activity.

I patrolled awhile and then took a nap at 1030.  I was awakened when a BP supervisor came by for a visit at 1330 followed shortly by Horsepuckies.  Then I went into Cameron Corners to get ice.  I had not had a shower in several days and when I went into the store and asked the nice lady for a bag of ice, she replied with the query, “Large or smell?”  She got red faced and embarrassed but I just laughed stating that I had been working in the heat without bathing for a few days and her Freudian slip was understandable.
 I returned to the line and about 1620 Tecate PD emerged just east of the Point on the south side.

 They stopped at various points and two men in uniform got out and poked around in bushes while a man clad all in black stood over then in the bed of the truck.
  I shadowed them east and just west of the Oaks I sped past them, turned around and headed their direction.

 They pulled up next to the fence in an area where I have surprised groups in the bushes before.

 I got up on the fence and asked what they were doing.  One of the uniformed men asked me in broken English if I had seen a white truck in the area with 5 guys in the back.  I said no and then asked. “What do you want me to do if I do see it?”  The black clad man, who was by then standing on the cab of the truck replied, “Call your Border Patrol.”  “Fine”, I said, then I asked the man in black if he minded if I took his picture.  The uniformed men looked at me kind of sheepishly and said, “That’s our boss.”  At which point the ninja clad man puffed out his chest and declared, “Team Leader.” I snapped his picture and said, “Mucho Gusto, Jefe. Adios.”

 They took off and disappeared down the north south road directly south of the Oaks and I patrolled back to the west. There was a BP agent at the Donut hole facing east and he was unable to see the white truck with bodies in it speeding north on the Ranchita Rd.  It turned east on the Pemex and disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle.  I informed the agent about Tecate PD and the white truck and he got on the radio about the time the white truck came speeding west on the Pemex, with no more bodies in the bed.  The white truck hastily left the area south on the Ranchita Rd.  R4DAR called me from the point to say that Tecate PD had returned to the area and had disappeared in the area in front of the Point.  About a half an hour later Grupos Beta appeared on the scene, stopping at various points by the 5star and the tank trap and patrolling (armed) on foot.

I would find out later from a source I cannot reveal that it was someone from our side who called Grupos Beta, ostensibly to protect the men from the white truck from the wrath of “Team Leader.” We never saw Tecate PD leave or knew if, where or when the five men from the white truck came through.  Grupos Beta left the area after and hour or so.

It was a puzzling drama to say the least, made even more so by information I cannot disclose.  But then, many aspects of the entire week were, and continue to be, puzzling and frustrating, also for reasons I cannot disclose and therefore will not detail in this report.
Portholes and Hunter took the night shift.  I went to bed at 2200.
Friday 8AUG08
Up at 0450, sunrise at 0615. Hung around the point and then went to Cameron Corners for ice.  On the way back I stopped at the library and entered the interim report you see two entries below.   By 1010 I was back on patrol and met the supervisor for RMA Land Construction. We conversed for a while in our trucks on the border road, he seemed interested in the minutemen and I, interested in the fence building.  He indicated the pen at the 141 was theirs and that they had another equipment pen at the “Ag loop” above the old grader area but that they couldn’t put the chain link up due to the bees.  Seems there were hives being stored there and, though the hives had been removed, many bees decided to stay.  He asked that if I was out that way could I please keep an eye on things and report any vandalism to him.  “Of course”, I replied. It would be my pleasure.
At 1120 a new model BMW sped up the Ranchita Rd.  to the Pemex, just in time to see me watching him from the gap in the fence below the donut hole.  He took one look at me looking at him and made a u-turn and hauled ass away to the south.
 At 1220 I was at the RMA site at the Ag Loop.  All was well and I phone the foreman to report.

 I stayed there for quite awhile as it is a great vantage point.

At 1410 I observed 10 POIs come off of the Pemex and head for the south east side of the Cap Rock, all carrying water jugs. I notified BP.  At 1445 I left the Ag Loop and spoke briefly with an agent at the ZHP turnout.  He indicated that in addition to the 10 I had spotted by Cap Rock there 16 holed up in the Tank Trap area.

 Then I rolled east, checked in at the Point then checked on the equipment pen at the 141.  A gate looked like it had been pried at the bottom and I wired it shut with baling wire.  Then I headed back to the point.
 Around 1900 Horsepuckies showed up and then Wildcard arrived with a new friend, call sign “Catwalk”.  Catwalk works for a local paper and was interested in doing a piece on the border.  Horsepuckies took her, R4DAR and Wildcard on the tour to Tecate.  In their absence Patriot5 and Patriot22 showed up, each in their own well equipped vehicle and each with a partner.  After gearing up they deployed to points west.
At 2100 The Tecate tour group returned and Wildcard and Catwalk stayed the night.
Saturday 9AUG08
 At 0200 Patriot5 and Patriot22 returned having seen nary an illegal.  I took off on patrol when they settled in at the Point.  I drove to the Ag Loop to check on the construction site, which appeared to be fine.  On the way back I encountered an agent who informed me that the scope truck had a visual on a large group getting ready to cross at the 125.  I cruised past them and set up by the 127 so as not to hinder the BP’s operation.  An agent happened by and asked me to watch his truck.  He ascended the west side of the 241 on foot with a thermal imaging device and said he had a visual on a group to the west.  The other agent came by and so I left for the Donut hole.  By 0400 I was back in my layup in the gully between the 5 star and the Donut hole. I stayed there, crouched behind a rock with my night vision device until 0540, detecting nothing.  I headed back to the point and crawled into the back of Godzilla, but was only able to sleep for about an hour and a half.

1000: I went to the store for ice then took the 94 to the 188 and entered the border road heading east from Tecate.
 As I was heading down the hill toward the bottom of Bell Valley I spied a white truck backed up to the fence on the south side.

 I called BP and an agent was there in about ten minutes.  He informed me that the truck had been there for hours with no sign of driver or passengers.  I pressed on.  When I passed the spot on the fence where the truck was parked on the other side I heard whistling and yipping, much the way spotters have done in the past when  group is in the same area with me.  I drove to a high point to see what I could see.  It was men on the south side herding goats.

I resumed my eastward patrol.
At 1230 I check the Ag loop site again and it was fine.  I called the Point.  Wildcard had left with Catwalk but Boston was in the area.  Sleepy, I headed back to the Point.  Patriots5 and 22 deployed to Bell Valley and Boston and Rubber Ducky ascended the 241.  Two men on the south side joined them.  I tried to direct traffic from the point but could barely keep my eyes open.  At 1730 Boston and Rubber Ducky descended and I retired to Godzilla,  I awakened at 2030.  Patriots 5 and 22 had come and gone, deployed back to Bell Valley.  Rubber Ducky got paged and had to leave for an emergency job.  Boston took up position at the Donut Hole.  I stayed at the Point.  Horsepuckies had taken R4DAR to the airport earlier in the day.  Boston had a new pair of Gen3 night vision goggles and put them to good use.  At 2130 he observed at least six cross the border road right in front of him at the donut hole.  I called it in to BP.  Then Boston radioed that he heard some kind of small engine.  Goddamn leaf blower again!
 BP took up tracking and I heard the next day that seven were caught in the night.
 Sunday 10AUG08
 I awakened at 0700.  Patriots5 and 22 had made it back from Bell Valley.  While they assisted in no apprehensions they did their part to beautify America by cleaning up the dross left behind by many previous invaders.

By 1000 Patriots5 and 22 departed the area
At 1130 Boston relocated to his home 20.
At 1350 Omaha flew over the Point. I saluted him and he flashed his lights.
At 1530 BP agents ascended the 241 and stayed up there for an hour or so.
I heated refried beans and tortillas on the hood of my truck and had supper provided by illegal catering and brought to the Point by fellow patriots.

 And no, 22, I did not eat the SPONCH!

I did drink the Pedialyte.
Before I went to bed I made a scarecrow.  I named the dummy “Gus” and set him in the chair I had been sitting in most of the day and part of the night. He remained on guard when I left the Point Monday morning 11AUG08.

 What are you doing to stem the tide of illegal drug and human smuggling into our great nation?  Damn near anything you do is more than what our politicians are achieving.  They are a selfish, worthless, egocentric lot who care not one bit about the future of this country.  They are only out to line their pockets and get re-elected.  Whether it’s going to rallies, protesting day labor sites or sitting on the border, for God’s sake, and the sake on America, DO SOMETHING.  There are many good groups with varying SOPs.  One is bound to suit you.  I will assist you in any way I can.  Please contact me, or any of the myriad other observer organizations in your area if you have any interest in being part of the solution.  Washington ain’t gonna do it.  It has to start with YOU! I will be with you in the fellowship of the spirit and shall return  to the border the weekend of 5SEP08, sooner if I can.  Your country needs you. Won’t you join me? I hope to see you soon as we patrol a dusty border trail.
Semper Vigilans,



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