Interim Update 8AUG08

 Several years ago JJ told me that the Campo-Morena Village library had free internet access and he used it to check his e-mail from time to time.  I am currently at terminal 5 in said library and the librarians are very nice, even though I stink from being on the line without a shower since the night of 5AUG. R4DAR is holding down the Point while Lil Dog takes some R&R.  R4DAR is doing a fine job.  Portholes and Hunter have been up there with him since last Thursday.  These two Patriots took the bus here from Riverside and have been tirelessly working the line ever since.  Hot Shot and Freckles make up the K9 portion of the current team and do their jobs with no complaints. Horsepuckies checks in from time to time. Weasel and Rubber Ducky indicated they may be arriving this weekend to pull a shift or two.

 Suspicious activity continues though with the heat and numbers of surveyors in the area it seems to have slowed it somewhat.  I took a solo trip to Tecate on the border road on Wednesday and detected no fence building activity save for two surveyors on the east outskirts of Tecate. Fence building seems to be concentrated well east of there and they have built a barbed-wire equipment pen at the 141)

 Once in Tecate I took 188 to 94 back to the Point having never been that route before. ( I usually head back on the border road, so I wanted to connect the dots.)  Close to Potrero I observed two POIs walking beside the highway and was about to call BP when two agents showed up and arrested the two illegals.

 Yesterday I had a conversation with a ninja clad Tecate PD team leader over the fence just west of "The Oaks".  He was looking for a white pickup with five people in the back.  I told him I had not seen it and he asked that if I did to please tell out Border Patrol.  About an hour later a white pickup with five people in the back came north on the Ranchita rd. and turned east on the Pemex.  Our BP didn't seem too interested but Grupos Beta did.  They followed soon after and two armed agents stopped several places and appeared to be searching for them.

 I am on my way back from Cameron Corners, gassing up and getting caffienated.  I better get back to the line.  I will submit photos and a detailed report a few days after I return home on or about 10AUG08. I may return the week of the 18th, if all goes well at home.

 Thanks to JJ for telling me about the library here and special thanks to the helpful and courteous librarians.

 The border is not secure and America needs your help.  Come on down!

  Semper Vigilans,


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