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From time to time enjoy posting other observer's "after action" reports.  Below is the report from Red Army from this past Saturday 2AUG08.
 Please be advised that "Red Army" is actually a patriotic border observer, historian and WWII re-enactor, and NOT the communist bastard he sometimes sounds like.
I am packing as I write this and heading down to the border either late tonight (Tuesday 5AUG08) or early in the morning.

The "RED ARMY" Report

This is an Official Communication of the Red Army Political Department, Southern Front HQ.

Re: Activity along the Southern Front, Patriot Point Sector 8/02/08, and the new fashion sensation being caused by the Red Army's delivery to Comrade Charlie 1 of a Vietnamese hat.

Now, kindly pass the borscht and potatoes.

Rubber Ducky and I departed for the Front at approximately 0700 hrs, after a cup of coffee and a full tank of fuel. First destination was the Golden Acorn for breakfast as we had agreed to remain on station until well past dinner time. Inside we were greeted by the sad stench of stale cigarette smoke, stained carpets, sweat, and desperation. But the food was solid and plentiful. Two or three more cups of coffee and we headed for the point.

Upon arrival we thought the place empty, save for Hotshot, who was beside himself to have someone to hang out with, and of course, pay complete attention to him. After a few shouts of "hello! We're good guys, don't f'ing shoot us!" comrade Radar emerged from a small trailer. He informed us that a couple of new volunteers from Riverside were asleep in the larger trailer. We remembered him from the Tour that comrade Shorty had given him on July 4th.

Comrade Rubber Ducky and I filled our hydration packs, made certain our PDW's were charged, checked our radios, then headed for the "donut hole". On the way an Agent of NKVD Border Guard was inspecting tracks at Tank Trap 1. We informed him of our presence and intended location. All was quite business-like and friendly.

Upon arrival at Donut Hole, we positioned ourselves visibly in the rock outcroppings and settled in. Immediately we noticed a large amount of construction activity going on near the Mustang House (Not to be confused with Mustang Ranch, though I imagine your chances of the clap are about even between both). A large back-hoe was in operation, and would remain such until about 1400 hrs. We counted at least five workers on foot mixing concrete or mortar in wheel barrows as well. At about 1010 hrs we noticed two pedestrians, carring large clear plastic water jugs, leave the highway and make their way into the "Bermuda Triangle" area. Approximately an hour later, two more did the same, also carrying a large clear plastic water jug.

Comrade Radar radioed us saying that he had a visual of a spotter in a yellow shirt on top of 241. Comrade Rubber Ducky immediately thereafter confirmed the sighting. Soon after, a single individual in a blue shirt and white hat left the Mustang House on horseback, but turned around well before he reached the intersection of the Ranchita and Federali roads. At this point Comrade Rubber Ducky and I decided to try and shake the spotter up a bit. We broke position and headed by truck past 241 over to cap rock, to see if we could get better eyes on him. Yet we turned around and drove back with haste, hopefully making those on the other side of the fence think we had abandoned Donut Hole. Upon arriving back on station 10 minutes later, the aforementioned horseman was almost all the way to the border fence. He then proceeded to ride the length of the fence until just past Five Star, then vanished back south into the Bermuda Triangle.

At about 1400 hrs a group of three of America's Finest arrived along with Comrade Wildcard. These three comrades were a pleasure to work with; professional, precise, and cool as all hell! They ascended 241 and took up position there.

I must also note that during the course of the entire day, an NKVD Border Agent who we shall refer to as Comrade "W" was operating in the area. He stopped at our position constantly, advised us on intel, shared some jokes, and expressed his appreciation for our presence on the Front.

At approximately 1500hrs we spotted a truly unexpected sight! Two invaders rushed up out of the brush in the canyon between 241 and Donut Hole and jumped the fence back into Mexico. Concurrently, a white pickup truck arrived and remained on station. These two, once back South of the Fence, did not rendezvous with the truck, but turned south and vanished heading southeast around the Triangle. One was carrying a backpack. Yet the white truck remained on station. Suspicions up, Comrade Infidel and Comrade J moved down off of 241 and met with the NKVD Border Trooper that Rubby Ducky had advised of the situation. As the NKVD Agent and Infidel/J were conversing
a third invader broker cover less than 100 feet behind them, rushed the fence and leaped over. He rendezvoused with aforementioned white pickup truck and TBS'ed quickly. The NKVD Agent quickly radioed it in and informed us that those were likely guides and a group were likely headed for the Highway 94. Comrades Infidel, J, Rubber Ducky, and I broke position and headed into the immediate area that the invaders had broken cover from. we found fresh tracks, booties, assorted debris and evidence of multiple recent crossings.

After about 10 minutes the NKVD Agent called us back. Rubber Ducky and I kept an eye on his Official State vehicle while the Agent and Comrades Infidel and J explored a line of tracks further down the canyon. A few minutes later the Agent returned to his vehicle and Comrade Rubber Ducky and returned to Donut Hole.

During our observations there we noted the arrival at the construction site at the Mustang House of two rather "thugged out" vehicles. One appeared to be similar to a late 1980's early 1990's Pontiac Grand National, dark blue in color with tinted windows. The other was a black Escalade or Navigator, sporting after market rims and tinted windows. We could not from our position observe the individuals who exited these vehicles.

Comrade Beast, in position on top of 241 spotted two pedestrians on the west side of the hill, who got within 20-30 yards of the fence, and were using their walkies to disrupt radio communications between our Comrades. The NKVD Border Agent was apprised of this. Not long after they were spotted TBS'ing. Soon after than a lone pedestrian was spotted TBS'ing off of the southern side of 241. He stashed a jug of water in the rocks on his way down. The NKVD Border Agent informed us that this was likely their "shift change" and that things would be quiet for a while. He was correct. Activity level on the Front subsided distinctly.

As 1800 hrs approached, Rubber Ducky and I were craving some food so we radioed in that we would be coming off the line at 1800 hrs for food. At 2 minutes from the mark, Rubber Ducky made the comment, "Come on! Let's have some action!"

I unclipped by hydration pack as I prepared to move out for chow. At that moment Rubber Ducky spotted a spanking new Dodge truck moving north on the Ranchita Road, and called it in. Comrade Beast confirmed and got eyes on it as well. The truck turned and headed east on the Tecate-Federali road. When it turned we got a clear view of the Tecate Police markings on the side.

The truck disappeared into the Triangle. Soon though a uniformed man appeared on foot less than 30 meters from the fence across from Couch Trail. Rubber Ducky and I broke position and headed to Couch Trail. I got up on a pile of rocks with a view over the fence. Rubber Ducky got right down to the fence. The uniformed man (I refrain from saying Police Officer as, given the state of law enforcement reported in Mexico, a uniform on that side of the fence does not in itself mean anything) moved about in a search pattern. While we were observing him Comrade Wildcard called in and reported that the uniformed man met with a man on horseback previous to our arrival out Couch trail. The horseman then TBS'ed back into the Triangle. Comrade Beast the spotted a second uniformed man, who soon came into visual at Couch trail. Working together the two moved in a search pattern, seeming to look for something.

Now, interestingly The NKVD Agent we had spoken to that day had informed us that both Tecate PD and Grupo Beta had both been seen in the same spot along the fence over the past few days. That agent was highly suspicious of such presence in so short of time and in the same area, and informed us that the Border Agents suspect some manner of narcotics related criminal activity.

The first uniformed man was nondescript and wore gray uniform trousers and a white uniform shirt, duty belt and weapon, and baseball style patrol cap. The second uniformed man wore all dark blue, was overweight, with what appeared to be external body armor, silk screened badge, duty belt with a drop-down holster and weapon. A weapon which his hand was constantly on. When he saw Rubber Ducky standing at the fence he called over in English. A conversation similar to the following ensued:

Uniform: "Who are you?"

RD: "Don't f'ing worry about it."

Uniform: "You Border Patrol?"

RD: "Don't f'ing worry about it."

Uniform: *Points to his badge, hand on weapon* "You see this? You respect this?"

RD: "That's a big negative. What are you doing?"

Uniform: "My job. My job same as your job."

RD: "Right. We have the same job. Yeah, right."

The two uniformed individuals continued their search in a very small area long the ridge line across from Couch Trail, blue uniform constantly on his radio now. Then the two vanished over the ridge, presumably back to their vehicle.

Rubber Ducky and I remained in the area for a while then returned to the Patriot Point. We stayed there until Comrades Beast, Infidel, and J returned to the Point. We said our goodbyes, secured our gear, and departed. On the way out we saw a large rattlesnake that had been run over. I remembered C1's warning that Janta virus was rattlesnake revenge upon us. As we reached Highway 94 we were greeted by the sight of at least a Dozen NKVD Border Agent vehicles, lights blazing. A blue van was pulled over, a female civilian in handcuffs on the curb, and numerous individuals being loaded into paddy wagons. We hoped it was the group those three fence jumpers had been guiding.

We stopped at the Casino for dinner. Inside we were greeted by billowing clouds of cigarette smoke, noise, sweat, and desperation. The food was solid and there was a lot of it. Enchiladas and iced tea and a cup of coffee for the road.

We departed the Casino and arrived back in our area of residence without incident.

Author's Note: we also during the course of our day had the opportunity to meet Comrade Horsepuckies and grandson. This comrade described a few of his commando operations on the Front, and we are now thoroughly convinced that the man is indeed a ninja.

-Red Army-

End of Transmission

"The time is near at hand which must determine whether Americans are to be free men or slaves."

-George Washington-

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