Border update Independence Day weekend 3-6JUL08

  I departed my house at 1600 Thursday 3JUL08.  After reaching Jacumba and topping off my tank with $4.85 per gallon gas (special thanks to all you democrat/environmentalist/communist bastards) I headed for the Minuteman Civil Defense Corp’s Camp Vigilance.  This Independence Day was to be the 1st annual SECURE AMERICA NOW! rally and get together.

 I arrived at the camp at 1830, paid my respects to the organizers, met some folks who had read my blog and by 1930 I was geared up to head down the border road entry at Tierra Del Sol to Patriot Point.  I offered to take anyone who wished to follow on a tour and four folks in two cars took me up on the deal.

 We stopped at the shade shed just west of Smith Canyon to take pictures and to load my shotgun.

 Kingfish was in his traditional static position on the high point west of Smith.  Had we had more daylight I would’ve taken the group up to see him but the sun was setting fast and I wanted to get my tour through the canyons before dark.  I called Kingfish on the cell and got no response so I left a message. I never heard back from him.
 I stopped to show the group the hill where I was shot at a year ago and allowed them to view several spots along the way where the fence abruptly ends.  Around dark we rolled past “The Oaks” and said Hi to Viking who was just pulling out to take up position.  He seemed none too thrilled to see me, or my group, but I commended him for making a showing on the border on the anniversary of the birth of our great nation.  A bit further east on the road the group wanted to stop and visit with Gadget who was also returning to the border to take up a watch position. By 2100 I had sent my tour off down Forest Gate and back to Camp Vigilance.  I hit the Point, visited briefly with the group assembled there then set off west down the border road.  Larry Dog was in position at the donut hole and after chatting with him, I patrolled to the base of Cap Rock and back.

 At 2315 I sat at the bottom by the tank trap for a while then moved to the couch trail high ground at 0000 4JUL08.  I stayed there for about an hour, grew restless and rolled west again to Cap Rock.  On my return trip I found a pair of girls flip flops and an asthma inhaler on the road by the 5 star.

Asthma and flip flops: not the best border crossing combo.
I hit the sack in the back of Godzilla at 0130 and slept soundly until 0500
Independence Day.

 In the days prior I had told Lil Dog I really had no interest in attending the festivities at Camp Vigilance on the 4th of July and would gladly hold his position at Patriot Point if he wanted to attend, an offer he gladly accepted.  But while they were all awakening that 4th of July morning I hit the power line road on patrol only to have my progress impeded by an abandoned BP truck blocking the road in a heavily traveled low spot.

 I stayed and guarded his truck until 0745 when Lil Dog radioed me that he was on his way out to Camp V.  Then I went back to the Point for a bit and visited with Terry and Elaine who were also going to stay there.  Seeing that the position was well covered I set off on patrol again, this time to the east.  I wanted to check on the tented bushes where I had flushed 14 on my last mission.  The area was clear. I rolled west to Cap Rock and sat briefly, patrolled to the east again, sitting at the donut hole for a while.  0n patrol again at 0945 I got a radio call from Terry.  “You like cheese in your omelette?” he called out.  “Cheese is the food of the gods, ” I replied and promptly made a u-turn and headed to the point, but not before watching the Sheriff’s helicopter working some action to the north.
 I arrived at the Point to find Bravo2 snarfing down my omelette!  It was great to see him back so soon after his heart attack and while we conversed the “T & E express” served me up a delicious breakfast.  T & E are two of the finest, kindest, most helpful human being on the planet.  God Bless ‘em!
 Bravo 2 left to take up his traditional position at the couch trail and no sooner than he had left a Mexican TV news crew rolled up.

 I told them nicely that they were not welcome and asked them nicely several times to leave.  They refused and said they wanted to take pictures of the border.  My retort was that there were hundreds of miles of border and they could photograph at any spot but Patriot Point.  They refused to leave when asked nicely and continued to take pictures of the camp along with our license plates.  The more I tried to make it clear they were trespassing, the more adamant they were to stay.

I guess it was my day to be an asshole, and I am pretty sure I did a good job of it.  I told them they were a good example of the problem we were there to address: Mexicans invading areas uninvited and unwelcome and refusing to leave. After a heated exchange I let them be and called Lil Dog at Camp V to tell him what was going on and to advise MCDC that Mexican Media would likely visit them next.  Terry had already called BP to inform them of our unwelcome guests and I made it clear to the cameraman and his reporter that I was calling the Sheriff. Ironically, almost immediately after the news crew departed the San Diego County Sheriff’s Volunteer Patrol showed up.  They weren’t there as the result of my call however, but rather to bring Lil Dog supplies as they regularly do.

 The news crew rolled up to B2’s position at the couch and photographed him without his permission as well and then took off.  B2, who was planning on heading to the festivities at Camp V at some point anyway, decided to follow them.  He tailed them all the way to Camp V where their welcome, from what I understand, was similar to one I had given them.  Coincidentally, when B2 left Camp V hours later he just by chance caught the same Mexican news crew at the gas station in Cameron Corners.  He told me they recognized his vehicle and hurriedly pumped their gas and fled.  Good one B2!
 Sometime early afternoon Red Army and Skyshooter showed up.  These two patriots had been entertaining the idea of watching the border for some time and had been investigating various groups online.  Somehow they came across this blog and e-mailed me.  The rest is history.  I took them on a tour from Patriot Point to Cap Rock, detailing names of landmarks and tactics often used.  On the way back we got a radio call that two spotters were on 241.  Almost at that instant Omaha, the BP helicopter, swooped down on top of the mountain, circled several times and scared the spotters back.  When he left however, they returned and there were three of them.  With the new guys following and with Skyshooter trying to get pictures on the fly we watched the men go well north of the flag.  One was waving and motioning frantically to the north as another talked on a cell phone.  I called BP to let them know what was going on and they told me that agents were working something on 94 just north of the 127.  
 As we pulled up to the 127 turnout the three spotters retreated back south. Red Army, Skyshooter and I parked at the 127 turnout for a while and then I offered to take one of them up to the top of 241, if the other would stay and watch our vehicles.  Or, they could both make the hike up and I would volunteer to stay and guard the trucks.  Skyshooter opted to wait with the trucks as he was laden with expensive optics and cameras and better equipped to observe from afar.

Red Army loaded his trench gun and we made the ascent at about 1430.  While up there it was radioed that our visitors departed to the south.  We stayed up top for about two hours, getting to know each other and observing the many fresh signs of entry.

 We came back down about 1630 and by 1645 we were rolling east toward the point.  We stopped at the couch trail and I introduced the new men to Bravo2 who was back in his customary position.  B2 gave them a visual tour of his area of observation as well as a little history.  Then we all headed back to the point for another delicious meal prepared by Terry and Elaine.  
 While there I met a NorCal MCDC member call sign Yankee.  He was in town for the big 4th of July festivities at Camp V, but knew Lil Dog and wanted to meet me and take a tour of our territory.  About 1800 I cleared all the crap I had in my passenger seat. (I usually ride alone)  and Yankee and I set off to the west.  We stopped at routine points of interest, holes in the fence and places where there is no fence.  Along the way Yankee explained that a friend of his ran a business in Danville, CA and hired illegals to do the work.  Yankee was planning on making a short video and e-mailing it on the spot, from the border, directly to the individual and other friends of his who were gathered up north at a cocktail party.  Never wanting to pass up a bit of politically charged fun I was a willing participant in this video endeavor. (Edit-25AUG08-video removed for security reasons)

 On the way back we stopped by the 5 star where Yankee wanted to attach some flags on the border for 4th of July.

 Along the way back an agent informed us that there were 30 to 50 individuals in the Cap Rock area waiting to cross.
We arrived back at the Point about 2000 and Lil Dog had also returned, having spoken from the podium at the Camp Vigilance festivities.  He had a member of the British press in tow and she was taking pictures of Dog, the point an all the patriots there.

 At 2100 Yankee parked his rental car at the Couch trail and set up an observation post.  Skyshooter had to head home and was replaced by Rubber Ducky, another new man and friend of Red Army who came to the border via this blog.  They set up position at the Donut hole, to peer into the dark, nearly moonless night. I patrolled the area, stopping to check on Yankee and the new men from time to time.  Then I positioned myself at the road just below the tank trap, to observe the low point between Red Army at the Donut Hole and Yankee at the Couch.  I stayed there until 0020 5JUL08
At 0050 5JUL08 Yankee headed back to Camp V and I relocated to the Donut Hole to visit with Red Army and Rubber Ducky.  Then at 0145 I went back to the Point, and by 0245 was asleep in the back of Godzilla.
 I awakened at 0615 and was on patrol to the west by 0640.  At 0700 I was stationed at Zuellner’s High Point (ZHP) and decided to make some coffee.  Usually this involves me setting up my old single burner propane stove and percolator style pot. But in the days prior to this mission I had visited a truck stop and purchased a 12volt coffee maker.  My thinking was that it would be easier and quicker than the propane method and less affected by the wind. WRONG! 

This was without a doubt one of the most frustrating efforts I have experienced on the border.  I keep a fully charged auxiliary battery in the back of my truck and promptly plugged in the new coffee maker.  After 45 minutes, with barley a drop in the pot I began to question whether my battery was indeed charged and decided to plug the new machine into a 12volt outlet in the truck.  It melted the fuse holder, not blew the fuse, MELTED it.  I plugged the coffee maker back into the auxiliary battery and set about rewiring the melted circuit.  Well over an hour later I had barely a cup of coffee. 

The experiment being a dismal failure I disconnected the faulty caffeinated beverage dispenser and drank a Red Bull.
 At 1010 radio traffic from Lil Dog indicated two armed individuals observed in the area directly in front of Patriot Point.  I met Red Army and Rubber Ducky at the 127 turnout and offered to watch their truck should Rubber Ducky want to make the trip up to 241 as Red Army and I had done the day before.  About that time though a BP agent came up and advised us against it, saying there were numerous individuals just spotted on the top.  This has never stopped us before, but we work closely with BP and so we honored his suggestion.  Red Army and Rubber Ducky went to the Donut Hole.  I stayed at the 127 turnout for a while then, in need of ice and Skoal I dropped Ms. Mossberg off with Red Army and headed to Cameron Corners.  I topped off my tank, filled up my thermos and ice chest and headed back to the border.  On the way back I was picking up radio traffic indicating men on the 241 and groups forming on the Ranchita road.
 I arrived back on the line in time to see Boston and Springfield ascending the 241.  They vanquished the intruders under the watchful eyes of Red Army and Rubber Ducky at the Donut hole.
 I positioned myself on the low, east side of the 127 tower where I could see Red Army as well as the 241.

I was having a “sinkin’ spell” and in need of some rest.  But first I fiddled around with motion sensor placement.  This was the same position I was in when Daniel Boone managed to sneak up on me during the Light Up The Line weekend.  I have since mounted lights on the Golight pole where my right, left and rear motion sensors were.

  The right and left sensors I have since attached to magnets so I can move them according to my position.  The rear had been mounted on the tailgate.

 With my sensors placed and tested I had a sandwich and some Gatorade, propped my feet up and delighted as I listened to the two new boys, Red Army and Rubber Ducky, working in close concert with Boston and Springfield.
 I will not go into to too much detail bout the rest of the afternoon, indeed I can’t accurately as I was in a static position listening to the radio transmissions and standing at the ready should my assistance be needed. It wasn’t, save for some solicited advise from time to time.  I was mighty proud of these boys as they rode herd on several spotters and their accompanying groups of would-be invaders.
 At 1615 Shorty relieved Red Army and Rubber Ducky at the Donut Hole and Rubber Ducky, anxious to see the top of 241, made the ascent to join Springfield and Boston in out-spotting the spotters.  Red Army diligently stayed at the bottom, guarding the vehicles at the base of the 241 and observing the staging area on the south side of the fence.  By this time these men, three of the newcomers, (I believe it was Springfield’s first day too) were operating as a cohesive unit and demonstrating teamwork and tactics far beyond their experience.  I have to say again it made me very proud!  They kicked some ass.
 During this frenzy of activity vehicles were dropping off groups and then picking them up again (from what I could tell, remember I am hearing all of this on the radio) while all the while our men are chasing people off the 241 and making their presence known in the area where the Mexicans apparently planned on entering.  At 1745 I moved from the 127 to ZHP as Boston had sent 2 frustrated spotters packing to the west.  From ZHP I could see “White Shirt and Bare Chest” identified by their attire or lack thereof, on a little hill west southwest of the 241.

They were hiding behind a rock peering at the occupied 241 and seemed to be engaged in an animated conversation.  When I say hiding behind a rock I mean from the 241 they could not be seen.  However, from my position at ZHP they were clearly visible and once they realized this they dejectedly walked south and out of sight.  A few minutes later they were observed by Boston getting into a vehicle and speeding away from the area.
 Sometime in the middle of this activity Red Army came on the radio to declare that several more individuals had given up and TBSed.  One of the foiled intruders turned and gave Red Army the finger.  Red Army radioed me triumphantly. “Charlie One, how much money do you think we saved the taxpayers today?” To which I replied, “The cost in food assistance for illegal aliens is about 2.2 billion dollars, The Medicaid cost each year for illegals is roughly 2.5 billion, 12 billion dollars is spent each year educating the children of illegal aliens, having a frustrated would-be invader shoot you the finger as you force him back to the south-PRICELESS!”
 By Boston’s conservative estimation they kept 16 people from entering the country illegal that afternoon.  I suspect it was a whole lot more.
By 1845 I rolled into Patriot Point and shucked my gear.  The rest of the boys were soon to follow and we relaxed and debriefed.

 Then, for me, it was back to work. I rolled to the base of Cap Rock, parking in the middle of the road as BP brushed out both sides of the line for the night shift.

 Then I made a pass all the way down to 141, on the east side of La Gloria canyon.  There was nary a Campominuteman in the area, though Campo BP was working a group just west of the Oaks on the service road.  I headed back west and took up position at the Donut hole. Red Army and Rubber Ducky had to head back to the house but Horsepuckies was out and about.  He stopped and talked with me for a bit then headed west. About 30 minutes later I got a faint radio call from him asking me to call BP as his phone had no coverage.  He had fresh tracks in the road, right where I had watched the BP brush a while before.  I phoned it in and about another half an hour he returned to say that BP was tracking a large group and had caught one.  Horsepuckies headed home and, at his suggestion, I headed to the west where I found a lone agent driving the border road east from Cap Rock.  He welcomed me to the area, told me they had caught a group of 14 and to keep my eyes open as one had TBSed and might jump the road in front of me. He and I both orbited the area but I saw nothing and, growing weary I headed back to the Point.

  0000 I was visiting with Wildcard who, throughout the whole weekend was vigilant at the Point through the scope and also rode along with Shorty from time to time.  By 0130 I was asleep in the back of Godzilla.
 I left the area at 0445 Sunday morning, 6JUL08.
  Each time I go to the Point and work the Tecate sector I am amazed at the teamwork and comraderie, not only within the Patriot Point Posse, but with associated observers from numerous groups who put aside their differences and work together to staunch the illegal flow.

  I also cannot say enough good things about the men and women of the Tecate division of the Border Patrol.  These agents are a gung ho lot and never fail to include us in any activity where we can help.  I am honored to be among their extra eyes and ears.
By mid morning I was back in my yard, doing the “jobs Americans don’t want to do??”

Please allow me to digress for a moment.  In the weeks prior to 4th of July Horsepuckies and I had contact with Red Army via e-mail as well as on the Mountain Minutemen forums.  We both gave Red Army a good natured ration of shit regarding his chosen handle. (Red Army is a historian and WWII re-creator)  When he arrived at the Point he announced that he had a gift for me.  It was the hat you see in the picture above. "Now", he said, "you look like Charlie."

 I will be back in the border area this coming weekend, 11-13JUL08, but will likely be spending the majority of my time at a undisclosed location working with U.S. Evolutions, Inc., though I may sleep in mi casa del la frontera, Godzilla.
Drop me an e-mail if you are interested in defending America.  You owe it to yourself and your country.  Hopefully we will meet up soon on a dusty border road.
 Semper Vigilans!

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  1. J J

    Good show as usual, Charlie!

    July 10, 2008 at 22:27

  2. A great report Johnny Reb.

    July 11, 2008 at 16:10

  3. Who is Johnny Reb

    July 15, 2008 at 18:30

  4. Your 4th of July report is outstanding C1 I really think you should consider filming a documentary. I would be the first one to buy your DVD :)Bonfire

    July 15, 2008 at 18:43

  5. Weasel, being a "Yankee" calls me, southern boy, Johnny Reb. I take it as a compliment…….

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  6. In this war we are seeing history unfold. Johnny Rebs and Yankees fighting together. What a concept!

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