Border Update 14-18JUN08

I departed my home at 1000 on Flag Day 14JUN08 and arrived in Jacumba about 1200.  After topping off my tank with what must surely be liquid gold I headed down old Hwy 80 to 94 and arrived in front of the MCDC’s Camp Vigilance at 1245.  There I geared up and was waved onto the border road at Red Shank (Tierra Del Sol) by a BP agent at 1300.  He was the only agent I saw until reaching the Tecate sector at Patriot Point.  At the shade shed just east of Smith I stopped to load my Mossberg 590.

As I began my descent into Smith Canyon I heard gunshots and radioed the Point.  Kingfish was not in his position and I wanted someone to know where I was.  The reports were three men doing a little target practice.  I proceeded around the new bridge at the bottom of Smith, which had been newly poured and detoured around.

  Then I headed up the other side and proceeded west to the Point.  Gabacho was the only Campo Minuteman to be seen in the area from Smith to Patriot Point.  He left Sunday morning leaving the entire area to be patrolled by the Patriot Point Posse and
Associated Dedicated Independent ObserverS.
 As I neared the Point I saw numerous signs indicating an event at the border.

 Now, I knew there had been a tour group the previous weekend to Tecate along the border road.  What I was unaware of was a similar had been hurriedly scheduled for Flag Day.

 Patriot Point was full of Orange County Republicans anxious to see for themselves our porous southern frontier.

 Many of them had read my blog and before I knew it I was reluctantly elected to be their tour guide.  By 1500 with the Uno mobile in the lead, and a pretty passenger by my side, two van loads of concerned citizens headed off to the west down the border road to Tecate.

  I stopped the group at the gap in the fence below the donut hole.

  I had spotted two men walking north below the fork roads across the field. 

After the group all got an eye full of the lack of fence and soon to be intruders we headed off toward 241, Cap Rock and the infamous seldom guarded train tunnel.  By 1600 we walked up to and inside the tunnel for a photos.


Then we left, but on the way up the hill on the other side I noticed a train on the tracks in Mexico.  I knew the train from the railroad Museum in Campo took tours to the borderline inside the tunnel.  What I did not know was that the train occasionally traveled all the way to Tecate!  The train tunnel we could see in Mexico usually is gated shut but apparently the engineer has a garage door type opener for it.  Anyway, we had left the tunnel just in time as the train was headed back through it and on to Campo.

We stopped in the creek bed next to the border and again by the village that butts up against what passes for a border fence.  Needless to say the tour group was amazed at our lack of homeland security.


Our last stop was the new Port Of Entry being hastily constructed in Tecate.

One large van load of sightseers opted to take Hwy 94 back to the Point. The smaller van as well as my pretty passenger and I took the border road back to base.

 By 1800 I had said goodbye to my tour group and had positioned my self at the donut hole.
  I was there a scant few minutes when a black SUV traveled north on the ranchita road to disappear behind rocks close to the border fence.  I hastily re-positioned myself at the base of 241 in an attempt to see what the vehicle was doing.  Almost as soon as I arrived there the SUV took off back to the south and then I observed 11 men walk from the ranchita road and disappear in the rocks across from the gap in the fence below the donut hole.

 It was the same staging area where the BP and I flushed 20 on my previous mission.  I drove back up to the donut hole for a better vantage point.
 By 1915 I grew bored of staring out into the desert and activated the loudspeaker on my truck.  I hollered VETE! AHORITA! NO ENTRADA AQUI! VAMANOS ALA CASA! LA FRONTERA ES CERRADO!  To my amusement and amazement the 11 got up and left!!

 As funny as it was they departed to the southeast around a hill and out of sight.  At least three entered America right below me at the donut hole later that night.  BP tracked them and two were eventually caught.
 At 1945 I patrolled to the west and met up with Patriot5 and his Scout (Horsepuckies calls them Big and Bad).  Big and Bad were in roughly the same area they had been in on Friday the 13th when the Mexican banditos wounded and murdered their fellow citizens.  They told me the tale, how they heard multiple gunshots west of Cap Rock that night and them saw the muzzle flashes as the banditos chase their prey east.  Numerous agents verified this info.  At 2000 I sat at the base of Cap Rock for a while before heading east and back to the donut hole.

 At about 2030, while sitting at the donut hole I watched a house near the infamous Ranchita go up in flames.  Actually, from my vantage point I could not see the house for the trees but could see the flames.

About 2100 I set off on patrol to the east.  I sat at 141 for a while and then did several passes up and down the border road, service roads and power line road.  Traffic on the radio indicate two gun shots had been heard in the vicinity of the tank trap so I headed back to the donut hole.  Weasel was on foot by the tank trap, Boston and Cold Steel were stationed at the rope road.
I noticed a BP agent tracking below me to the east.  He motioned to me at gave me a little sign cutting lesson as he guided me down the trail.  Three had entered there, the footprints indicated that one was walking backwards.  I suspect it was three of the eleven I had sent packing earlier.

 At the agents suggestion I moved to the 5 star and got out of my truck, moving on foot to hide from the moonlight behind a rock.  There I could see the tank trap, viewing the side opposite from Weasel’s vantage point.  I found myself drifting in and out of sleep, awakened several times by Lil Dog checking in on Weasel and I by radio.  Not a good place to take a nap.  At 0245 I picked up Weasel above the tank trap and headed for the Point.  By a little after 0300 I was asleep in the back of Godzilla.

I awakened at 0700 and called my dad in Texas to wish him a Happy Fathers Day. There was a fresh hot cup of coffee served to me by Wildcard upon my emergence from Godzilla and Terry and Elaine (the T&E express) cooked up a fine breakfast of sausage, eggs and potatoes.  Terry and Elaine had sent money to Gilchrist in the past and several months ago came to the Point to see how there hard earned donated dollars were being spent.  They were thoroughly disgusted at Jim Gilchrist’s lack of support and have been coming down regularly ever since. They are true patriots who contribute their time and efforts generously each time they visit, which is a hell of a lot more than I can say for Gilchrist. God Bless You Terry and Elaine! And Thanks!

 I think I actually gained weight on this mission!!
 At 0835 I patrolled west to Cap Rock and talked to my old friend 36 on the phone.

  By 0945 I was positioned at Zuellner’s High Point (ZHP).

I stayed there until 1115 then rolled east.  I stopped briefly in the “Oaks” which remained unoccupied except for Ridgerunner, then headed to 141.

 Twelve van loads of corps of engineers works rolled past me on their way to Smith Canyon.

 At 1315 I rolled west again and was pulled over by a new BP agent.  She was doing her job and I commended her for it.
At 1445 I took a nap in Godzilla and slept until about 1700.  By 1755 I was back at ZHP.  At 1820 radio traffic from the Point indicated four spotters were on the 241.  I could see one from my position.  At 1845 2 more were reported up there, though at the time I could not see any of them.  I rolled east on the service road to a covert position where my truck could not be seen and got out on foot. I climbed a hill where I could see 241 without being spotted and watched a spotter looking for me.  I called BP when the spotter went well into America north of the flag, thinking he was going to make a break for it.  Then I revealed myself as I walked in plain view to the east to see if perhaps he was directing traffic in the canyon below the north side of 241.  I failed to view any intruders but the spotter and I did exchange hand signals.  My position exposed I headed back to the Point where Terry and Elaine served me an exquisite repast of burgers, hot dogs, baked potatoes, cantalope, strawberries and ice cold sparkling apple cider. 

Lethargic from such a large delicious meal I went to sleep.
 At 0405 I got up and went to the donut hole. I watched a glorious sunrise at 0545.

 At 0640 two men appeared out of nowhere walking south down the road toward the ranchita.  One was dressed the same as the spotter I had played peekaboo with the evening before.
At 0820, while still at the donut hole an agent parked below me too the east and walked around obviously tracking.

 He headed down to the border road on foot then exclaimed an expletive loudly and ran west.

 I ran down the side of the hill in time to see another agent rolling up in a truck just as a man in black dove across the no existent border fence.
 The would-be intruder was pissed, shot us the finger and began walking furiously west while talking on a cell phone.

We suspected there was a group out there somewhere and BP asked me to hide my truck to help draw them out.  I moved to a position to the north and got out on foot, hiding in some bushes where I had a view of the 241 and the ranchita road.

 Hot and bug bitten I only stayed there about and hour then relocated to the east via the power line road, stopping briefly at the Corps of Engineers yard to visit with the men. Then I patrolled to the 141 and turned around.

Just past the Oaks on my return trip to the west I noticed faded blue clothes of tarps moving in the bushes in Mexico.  Through my binoculars it looked like a little tent city, a possible staging area.

One of the pieces of material moved a little and I could not be sure if it was a man inside or just the breeze.  What the heck, I know some observer groups SOP says no contact with Mexicans but I could not bear to think a man was hiding from me in there so, once again I got on my loud speaker and invited them to leave in their native tongue.  The tarps moved again, this time more deliberately.  At that I rolled down to the culvert below, the one with an old tailgate wedged in it to block entry though the drain/ (Yes, our illustrious government spends millions of dollars on a useless, electronic “virtual” fence, but a scrap tailgate in this case serves the same purpose at zero cost to taxpayers)
I climbed up on the fence and loudly shouted, “VETE” (pronounced Bê tay) which, when translated into Texan redneck means, “go on getoutaheere!”  I declared in my pitiful Spanish that the border was closed and to my surprise 14, count ‘em, 14 individuals got up and left!

 Now I know it’s probably better to catch them, but at times my patience grows thin, so I figure if I can delay them and make their lives difficult, so much the better. Hell I was on vacation and a boy’s got to have a little fun on vacation!
 They headed off on foot in a line to the southwest and I headed back to the point after calling BP to tell them there was a well used staging area a scant 300 yards to the west of the Oaks.

By 1040 I was sitting in a lawn chair, sunning myself and looking out over the south and east sides of Patriot Point.

I watched the Corps of Engineers working on the road and holes in the fence,

then retired to the shade by Dog’s house and spelled him so he could go into town and run a few errands.  At 1515 I rolled east then doubled back to sit at the couch trial.  At 1620 I received lots of radio traffic from Wildcard as she gave a detailed play by play of events transpiring to the south.  A large group was forming, but, from the sound of her transmissions seemed confused.  When she stated she saw men running and identified a vehicle with some sort of law enforcement insignia on the side I decided to drive over to a BP agent who was sitting at the donut hole and inform him.  He took an immediate interest and headed for the point.  I saw none of this activity but it was reported that Tecate PD loaded the whole group up and took them away.
 I spent the rest of the day on patrol, sitting at various spots and rolling east and west.  At 1915 I left Ms. Mossberg in Godzilla and headed to Cameron Corners to gas up.  I would like to take a moment to thank our dear democrat congress for not allowing us to extract our own oil from our own soil……..filthy bastards.  Counting the 5 gallons I always donate to Dog each mission the total round trip gas expenditure for this mission was $219.15. $4.39 was the cheapest gas I bought, $4.79 the most expensive.  All used to do the job my government won’t do.
 By 0030 17JUN08 I was asleep in Godzilla and stayed that way until 0700.  At 0900 I patrolled to the west and watched a van load of new BP recruits taking a tour of the area.  Then I went down to the “tent city” staging area west of the Oaks to see if anyone was there if they were they didn’t budge from their hiding spot.
 At 1040 a spotter was back on the top of 241.  I headed to town to meet up with 36.  He took me to a location which I cannot disclose and introduced me to some of the men from U.S. Evolutions  As what seemed to be part of their screening process to see if I would pass muster they put me to work building “tactical infrastructure” (stretching chain link, sinking posts, hanging razor wire)

 Late in the day the land owner invited us into his home and he and his wife fed us supper.  After the meal we went back out into the field and sank some post holes.  When we returned the owner gave me a tour of the place including showing me his Sherman tank and Half-Track.

 I must have passed the test because I have been invited back to take part in tactical operations that don’t involve fence building.  I look forward to working with this group of well equipped professionals and will gladly endure more hard labor for the opportunity to learn the use of new equipment and tactics to help make our homeland more secure.
  I left the area at 2000 and arrived back at the Point by 0915.  Exhausted, I climbed back into Godzilla, mi casa de la frontera, and went to sleep.  At 0330 18JUN08 I was awakened by the sound of someone sliding under the border fence near the Point.  I headed for home and informed a BP agent on my way out of what I had heard.
  I plan on being back on duty the weekend of the 4th of July.  There is a large get together being planned at the MCDC’s Camp Vigilance in Boulevard California.  For more information see the notice below:

Secure America Now!
A Celebration of American Sovereignty
July 3rd to July 6th 2008
Camp Vigilance, Boulevard, CA


Website will be updated regularly with speakers and events

Here is the list of speakers as of June 24th!

 Please make your reservations now…………….

 More guests and speakers on the way!

Entertainment Scheduled:

Americana Union Band-Ruben Medina
Magician Loch David Crane

Scheduled Speakers:

Monica Ramos- Wife of Ignacio Ramos the imprisoned Border Patrol Agent & Joe Loya

Anita Shaw (Jamiels Law)

Darrell Castle US Vice Presidential Candidate Constitution Party

Ted Hayes US Congressional Candidate

Tony Dolz US Congressional Candidate

David Lee Joy US Congressional Candidate

 Michael Crimmins US Congressional Candidate

Congressman Brian Bilbray, 50th District*

Barbra Coe

Jeff Schwilk

Chris Simcox

Carl Braun

Chelene Nightingale

 Ken D.
 National Leadership
 Border Patrol Auxiliary

It’s all sounds a little bit too social for me, however.  They would be preachin’ to the choir.
 I’ll be on the line at Patriot Point. Eatin’ dust, burning expensive gas, going without sleep,…..observing and reporting….watching…….
What better way to celebrate our country’s independence than to do my part, however small, to insure that freedom and security.
Come on down!
Semper Vigilans,

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3 responses

  1. J J

    Charlie, Why is every one of your reports seem to be better than the last one?

    June 25, 2008 at 05:16

  2. About time you made your report C1. Just kidding we are spoiled. Love the
    authoritarian attitude you have it is working those IA's are running from you. You are the Minutemen.
    Keep up the hollerin' and the good work.

    June 25, 2008 at 15:45

  3. Thanks JJ, Bonfire and all who read this blog. Come celebrate the 4th of July with us!

    June 25, 2008 at 18:58

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