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 From time to time I hope to publish important forum posts and blog entries from other Minutemen with information and observations that I might not be privy to.  The shooting in the Cap Rock area on Friday the 13th, JUN08 is such an incident.  I did not arrive at the point until Saturday 14JUNO8.  The info Horsepuckies relates below is accurate and I have posted his writings completely unedited, except for the addition of the two photos and the link at the bottom.  I was able to speak with many BP agents as well as minutemen who were in the area when the incident occurred and verified the info.
I am in the process of uploading photos and writing a rather lengthy report which I will post in the days to come.

In the mean time is pleased to to bring you:

I hesitated posting this because some goon may pick it apart and try using it to somehow defame MM everywhere but I would like visitors to this site to understand that Minutemen across the country put their personnel safety at risk each time they go to the border. They do this for many reasons. To prevent drugs from getting into the hands of our stop the slave labor market from exploiting innocent people. To stem the flow of alien criminals. to stop the invasion of America from illegals who bleed our welfare and school systems dry. to possibly save a hospital from going bankrupt because it has treated too many people who are not required to pay for services. To stop foreigners from taking American jobs. the list goes on–
 The biggest reason they do it is because they are PATRIOTS doing a job our government won't do.

 OK. I'm Gonna try a Charlie-uno style "After action report". I figure if he can do it so can I. After all whats charlie got that I aint got? Besides a really cool loudspeaker on his truck , a remote spotlight, an education and probably a higher IQ ? LOL

 Friday June 13 2008
 8;30 PM I left the ranch telling my wife I would be gone for about an hour delivering supplies to Patriot point for the next days fence dedication event. Arrived at the Point a few moments later where I was met by Terry and Elaine. Two great people dubbed by Weasel to be the commanding officers of the MMM Quarter Masters corps. Sgtmj Slick was there too along with Hot Shot and Dozer. We unloaded supplies then sat around talking. for a short time and slick went down to his camp to get some rest leaving Terry, Elaine and I to BS about world affaires and our sure fire way to fix America. At about 9:30 we noticed a fast moving vehicle approaching on the border rd from the east. The vehicle turned out to be BP and he rolled up to the point and ask if we had coms with our people at zoners high point. I, having just arrived with no knowledge of who was in the field deferred to Terry who confirmed that we had people out but that he had not heard from them. I borrowed the only working radio in camp from Terry and tried to contact our guys, with no luck. The agent explained to me that he had heard and others had reported a lot of gunfire coming from the Cap Rock area and he needed to know #1 if our people were involved and #2 Were our people OK #3 What the hell was going on over there. The agent further explained that he had orders not to enter the area and to keep all civilians away too,every one was to stand down until further orders. He also told me that they had unconfirmed reports of several wounded and at least one dead. I asked the agent if he would agree to tell his superiors that he never saw me so that I could go look for our people.To this mans credit, he said NO but would call in to try and get permission to let me into the area. after about two minutes the agent came back to me and said that they needed info but could not tell me what to do. While leaving the point I contacted sgtmj Slick and asked him to take his radio to the point and try to relay info from me to the agent. Then proceeded west on the border road.
 At this point I will explain a couple of things. First, the two MM in the field do not want their names used so from this point on I will call them "Big" and "Bad". I know both of these men and had the estimated 30 or more armed julios attacked this pair,, the 30 would have been outnumbered outclassed and out gunned. As it turned out their radio was not set to our usual channel.

 I did not know that a screwdriver in an unsecured toolbox riding in the back of a pickup can be launched over 30 feet in the air and come down next to the drivers window as the truck travels at 70 MPH. So secure your toolbox when planning an outing at the border.Even if you are just dropping supplies.
 OK. back to the report. I kept one eye on the 241 as I rounded the corner to the 127. Seeing no one at the 127 I proceeded to Zoners high point ,the last reported position of our people,while still trying to contact Big and bad on the radio.Not finding them at Zoners I moved west down the border road toward the Cap Rock. Seeing a reflection on the secondary road I slowed then saw Bad by the side of the boarder road. I stopped as Big stepped from cover and was releived to find them both safe and sound. They described to me what they had seen and by using Bigs radio I was able to contact Slick at the point and relay the situation to the agent so that he could relay to his superiors.
 In hindsight I believe this was the first reliable report about the situation received by the Border Patrol .I explained to Big and Bad that they were in a somewhat unsafe position. I believe their reply went something like- WELL NOOO SH__ SHERLOCK !! ,so we headed back to the Point at a more moderate pace.
 We arrived at the point where I introduced Big and Bad to the agent who took a report then we all just stood around flapping our gums for awhile until someone noticed 4 trucks in Mexico that seemed to be moving towards our position. We all watched for a few minutes until it became obvious that they were headed straight for us and were full of Mexican troops. At that time the agent asked us to kill the lights and we readily complied then went to our vehicles and armed ourselves just in case. There was one tense moment when they seemed to slow or stop just 75 yards from our position but they soon passed and we breathed a collective sigh of relief. We guessed that the Mexican army was looking for the robbers who had fired on their own people but they were a mile from the conflict and were probably LOST. Possibly lost on purpose so they would not have to confront the scum who were praying on their own people.
 I hung around for another 30 to 45 minutes to be sure that there would be no more surprises then headed home. While traversing the back road through Campo I had to stop and let a medivac chopper land in front of me ,at the ball field. Speaking to a fireman EMT I was told it was there to remove at least one and possibly more, wounded. The rest of the trip home was uneventfull until I arrived home and got "The Look" from my wife for being 4 hours late.That was the scariest part of the night!

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