Brief Update Direct From Patriot Point

Monday 16JUN08 2130.

I am in Lil Dog's place at Patriot Point utilizing his terminal. Internet rumors that Jim Gilchrist "took back the Point"  are obviously another bold face lie. Besides, how do you take back something you never had to begin with?? Lil dog and I, as well as many other Patriots have been working the line all weekend.

I am sleep deprived and severely caffienated.  Lots of weird, spotty action.  I have turned back about 34, many of which I am sure just came back later, three of which snuck in right below me.  BP nabbed them though. It is pretty quiet right now.  The shooting near Cap Rock Friday night has Mexican law emforcement busy  It was Mexican bandits preying on would-be intruders.

Well, my eyes are blurry. Guess I'll gear up, get some more coffee and hit the line.  Tomorrow I am going to meet up with "36" and go with him to help fortify a border fence on some private property. 

I will file a proper after-action report, with photos and videos, upon my return home.

Semper Vigilans,



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