The traitors are at it again! I say FIRE THEM!!!

I heard about this dastardly deed a few days ago and spoke with our treacherous, lecherous, treasonous Democratic Peoples Republic of California Senator Diane Feinstein's office this morning. Feinstein sponsored this legislation.  The lady at the senator's office tried to assure me by saying this legislation was not attached to the Iraq funding!  She said it was attached to an Agriculture bill. What she failed to say was the Ag legislation is attached to the Iraq funding……
Anyway, who cares what it's attached to? True law abiding Americans do not want it and have said so over and over. 
These traitors have to be stopped!

A fellow patriot sent this to me this afternoon:

Last week, several U.S. Senators inserted over 100 pages of immigration
 and amnesty language into a crucial War Spending bill in an attempt to
 force the Senate to legalize illegal workers. If allowed to pass, one
 of these provisions would grant amnesty to between 1.35 and 3 million
 illegal workers.

Allowing this amnesty amendment to stall important, necessary war funds
 is a slap in the face to our men and women in uniform. That's why I
 joined Senator Jim Inhofe and other U.S. Senators in signing an important
 letter called for him to remove the amnesty languages.

Will you copy this link  and paste it in your web browser to learn more, read the letter, and join me in

And here is a list of all the senators:

Please give them a piece of your mind.  They are supposed to be working for us!

I will be heading for the border Memorial Day weekend.  Our sovereignty and homeland security is in peril.  Please join the fight!
Semper Vigilans,

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