Border update 25-27 APR08

I departed at 1700 Friday 25APR08 and arrived in Jacumba at 1905.  By 2130, after visiting with Lil Dog at Patriot Point, I was off on patrol to the west.  At about 2200 I was heading toward Cap Rock on the border road when I noticed two different areas on the east side where flashlights flickered.  A BP agent vehicle approached from the west and asked me where I was headed. I told him I had planned to sit next to the east approach to Cap Rock and face east looking down the line, but I had spotted several lights up there.  The agent warned me that there were potential rock throwers in the neighborhood.  Apparently they had hollered at him repeatedly that they were going to rock him.  He chose not to sit there.  So did I.
 I patrolled back to the west all the way to 141 and back several times, alternating between the border road, service roads and power line roads before deciding to park at the 127 turnout.
0130: An agent came by and chatted for a minute.  He asked me to stay put at the 127, that it was a good deterrent.  I agreed and switched on my motion sensors so that I could occasionally catch a cap nap. Each time I decided to rest my eyes however, this same agent would come around and want to talk.  Once, at 0250, he told me the sensor had gone off at the east base of 241.  At 0335 he came by to inform me that agents had captured seven on the Rope road.  While he effectively kept me from napping I was very appreciative that he would keep me informed as he did, it was definitely above and beyond his call of duty.
  At 0615 I patrolled east toward Patriot Point when Lil Dog came on the radio to inform me that two men were walking up the east side of the 241.  I doubled back to my original position at the 127.  Dog said one of the men descended but the other climbed to the summit.  From my vantage point I could not see the spotter at first but Dog assured me the spotter could see me.  Then Lil Dog radioed to say the high pointer was north of the flag peering over the east side of 241.  In the meantime he had called BP.  As I trained my binoculars on the area of the flag on top of 241 I finally got a visual on the spotter who was staring intently in my direction.  Almost at that same instant an agent ran up behind him and handcuffed him!  The Mexican had been so interested in watching me that he totally missed the fact that the Border Patrol was fast ascending from the east.  The agent waved at me, yanked the man back down the hill and literally threw him in the back of his truck.

 It was a sight to behold.  I had been an effective decoy.

 As I had moved from 127 to the east base of 241 to watch the agent confine the intruder I decided to position myself at the Donut Hole, where I could monitor the 241 and the area beyond.  It was a good move because there was an abundance of activity.  The second spotter, and man in a black jacket with gray sleeves who had doubled back earlier, was on his way across the field and went to some bushes in a low spot on the lower fork road.  He disappeared and then reappeared along with another man. 

By 0730 I had counted three men in that area and what appeared to be a bright light shining in my direction from the bushes where the men kept disappearing.  This was very curious, as it was daylight by then.  With the sun up pretty high in the east I though at first it was just a reflection but it was seriously intense, almost like someone with a mirror or a light.
 The men seemed nervous or indecisive.  I think the arrest of their comrade temporarily threw them for a loop.  One would get up and walk south down the fork road and hide behind a tree.  Soon another would follow, then they would venture back to the bushes in the low spot.  This was repeated off and on for a while.  In the meantime a forth man, dressed in blue emerged from the bushes.  At one point I noticed he had an ice chest.
 About 0825 all four disappeared into the bushes where the light had been shining.  All at once a large dark sedan emerged from the bushes at high speed!  It’s mirrors or headlights must’ve been what I had seen shining earlier.  It hauled ass out to the Pemex road, briefly headed east to the Ranchita road and turned to the south in a cloud of dust.
 At first I figured that they had given up and all left their incursion plans for another time.  Then I saw gray sleeves and the two others emerge form the bushes, this time to head together north down the lower fork toward the 241.

 As I watched through my binoculars I saw another emerge, and another and another!  A total of nine men all in a line in plain view walked out of the bushes and proceeded down the lower fork to the Pemex and headed west until they were out of sight.

 I moved from the donut hole to the east side of 241 but never regained a view of the men.  I sat at Zuellner’s high point for a while and then went to the 127 tower pad all to no avail.  I never saw the men or where they undoubtedly made their intrusion.  Later an agent would tell me that BP captured 7 men by the chicken farm across highway 94.  I hoped it was part of the nine.
  At 1135 I sat at the base of Cap Rock and watched the line facing east.

At 1200 I patrolled east to 141 at sat watching La Gloria canyon for an hour or so. 
 At 1400 I patrolled to the west and monitored two men in a car on the north side of the Pemex east of 241.  Then I watched as 4 men emerged by the fence.  They got in the car and headed south.
 At 1445 I patrolled west to Cap Rock and back to the 241 where I found Weasel harassing a couple of would be spotters. 

With Wildcard at the base watching our vehicles Weasel and I made our now seemingly traditional ascent of the 241. 

We stayed up there for 30 minutes or so then headed down.  As I had had nearly no sleep since Thursday night and it was now late Saturday afternoon I went to the 5 star, switched on my sensors and propped up my feet for a nap.  Treesman was above me at the Donut Hole, still and all a quality rest is hard to get in the front seat of a truck a scant few feet from the border.  I did manage to doze off good for about an hour and a half.
 I woke up about 1800 and decided to head for the Point to crawl in back of Godzilla for a real nap.  Unfortunately as I crested the hill just east of the Couch trail two illegals darted in front of my truck and into the bushes on the north side of the border road.  I stopped, called BP and radioed the point to see if they could look down toward my position and see where the intruders where hiding.  Unfortunately Lil Dog and the others were at the grassy knoll helping Sgt Major Slick set up camp.  I eased my truck up slowly and in my rear view mirror I could see the couple huddled in the brush.

  I got out of my truck and hollered at them to come out, which they reluctantly did. 

It has been my experience in the past that at this point they would flee south, but these two walked out of the bushes slowly and dejectedly.

 I hollered at them to go back to Mexico waving and pointing and saying in my best Spanish to hurry south Ahorita!  Instead of beating a hasty retreat like so many others who have crossed my path in the past, the woman stood still and the man came toward me.  Nope, not going to happen.  I drew my Glock and told him to stop, which he did.  Then I gave him one more chance to TBS and it seemed for a second they would take me up on my offer when BP showed up, searched and cuffed them, then hauled them away. 

The whole incident took less than 5 minutes.

  My veins coursing with adrenaline now a nap was out of the question.  Just as well because it seems something had crawled into Godzilla and died, the stink not conducive to rest.

 I hung around the point for a while.  Bravo2 had arrived with submarine sandwiches which I snarfed down gratefully.  After sitting for a while and talking with everyone, including some visitors from the MCDC whom I had not met before, I headed off to west on patrol again.  I visited with Bravo2 for a while who had set up position at the 127 tower.  Later in the evening he moved to his spot at the couch trail and once again I sat at the 127 turnout.  I was exhausted having had less than three hours sleep in almost 48 hours so I switched on my sensors. Leaned back and closed my eyes.  At 0230 I was startled by an agent who was tapping on my window with his flashlight.  Man I must’ve jumped and had a horrible look on my face, ‘cause he sure did! I think we scared each other!  He wanted to know if I was all right and apologized for waking me up.  No, I said it was good that he did.  I shouldn’t be that sound asleep and my sensor should have awakened me.   The agent had actually did me a favor as his approach had identified a blind spot in my electronic defenses.  I thanked him and he said, “Man, I wouldn’t sleep here!”
 I stayed alert the rest of the morning, scanning the 241 and adjoining area with my night vision device and monitoring the radio.
Sometime in the night Weasel had crept down below the Couch trail on foot to a heavily invaded area by the “Tank Trap.”  He noticed bodies on the other side of the fence and was tracking them.  The radio traffic was quite entertaining and then I realized that I still had my hand held tape recorder on board. I taped the conversation between Weasel in the bushes with a head set on to minimize noise, Shorty manning the Point, and Bravo2 in his Jeep at the Couch trail.  At 0407 12 men committed to invade at the tank trap, Weasel called the play and Shorty called BP.  Bravo 2 gave chase and at the point all hell broke loose I left my position to join in.  Unfortunately I overshot the mark and went to the brush on the power line road behind the Point while the invaders apparently had fled down the rope road.  The audio of the encounter is attached to the blog entry directly below this one.  BP also invaded the area and from what I understand caught most of the intruders later in the morning after I had already headed for home.
  I took advantage of the infusion of adrenaline from Weasel’s most excellent adventure and left for home at 0500.  I arrived back at the C1 compound about 0800 and finally got some sleep.
  Once again the weekend was a tribute to what a few dedicated citizens, working as a vigilant team in conjunction with the Border Patrol, can do.  I am proud to serve with these men and women.  I feel it is my duty.  Come on down!  We need folks who can serve during the week as well as the weekends.  One weekend a month is what I am committed to and will do more when I can.  I will have more time for missions when summer arrives and my job slows down.  Won’t you join us?  It’s your country! I guarantee it’ll get in your blood and you won’t want to leave.
 I will definitely be back on the line Memorial Day weekend and possibly sooner.  I hope to see you there.
 Semper Vigilans,

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