“Spring Break” Border Update 26-29MAR08

 I leisurely left the C1 compound about 0800 Wednesday morning, 26MAR08.  I normally favor a much earlier departure but I had to make a special stop on the way.  I had previously called all the salvage yards in my area by phone inquiring as to the cost and availability of a transfer case for a 1976 4 wheel drive suburban.  When we acquired Godzilla from Max it had to be towed from the pasture it was rotting in due to the fact that someone had completely disassembled the transfer case and lost many of the pieces.  I found the only one of it’s kind in my locale at Desert Truck and Salvage and they did not open until 0800 so there was no sense in my usual early hour disembarkation.

 I secured the part and by 0950 I was headed to Patriot Point.  I arrived in Jacumba at 1145 and topped off my tank, while visiting with some United States Marines on their way from Pendelton to Yuma.  Then I proceeded down old Highway 80 and on to 94.  I arrived at the Point at 1245 and unloaded the cumbersome transfer case.

 While visiting with Lil Dog and Dick a San Diego Sheriff came to visit, desiring more information on the upcoming “Light Up The Line” event. Together we scanned the horizon but saw no  sign of Jim Gilchrist who is rumored to be trying to commandeer the upcoming event to try to take the credit.

 Let me take this opportunity to acknowledge Kricket, Butch, Leland and all the “Americans4America” out of Las Vegas who have been instrumental in organizing this event.  Thank you for all your work and dedication!  And thank you Lil Dog for holdin’ down the fort 24/7! Be sure to pick up the April issue of Penthouse magazine for an excellent article on Lil Dog, the "Prisoner of Patriot Point."

Lil Dog has taught Hot Shot and Freckles a fun and valuable new game called “Bootie Bites”.  I pity the first poor invader that these guardians of the point find with border booties on their feet!

 After watching the dogs play for a while I headed off on a westward patrol at 1430.
 I went down to Cap Rock and back at settled in at the Donut Hole (130) at 1510.  Immediately I viewed 4 men directly across from me in Mexico get up and walk south. 

Apparently my arrival foiled their entry plans.  Adios Assholes.

At 1550 we were once again treated to a fly over by the Sea Knight.

At 1740 I noticed and individual on the North face of the 241.  It turned out to be a BP agent who later told me it seemed that several had come through there earlier in the day.

 I set off once again on westward patrol and eventually position my truck at the base of Cap Rock facing east where I could see straight down both sides of the border.

 I stayed there for about an hour until a BP agent came and relieved me of my position. He informed me that 4 men, probably the one I had TBS earlier were south of the couch trail area still trying to make entry.  I informed Dog of this and then headed to the area, positioning my truck on the high road right next to the fence at the 5 star, where I could see down the line toward the couch.  It was dark by then and shortly after I got there I began to watch a pen light flicker on the south side of the fence.  It moved down to the bottom by the rocky stretch of the border road before turning back south.  Then I it came back to the border fence right below my position, though I never detected any entry.  I waited for over an hour to see if they would cross, then I went back to the donut hole where, with motion sensors engaged, I napped for about two hours.
At 0200, a bit rested, I set off west again to the base of Cap Rock where I again sat facing east, looking down the line, this time through night vision.

 At 0234 a pretty little female BP agent visited me.  She said the area was on a scope and that when I had used my Go-Light as I patrolled I had stirred up a large group on the south side.  She asked me to remain in position for about 15 minutes, until she got to the east end of the line by the 241.  At that time she requested that I retreat west to an area BP calls “the scraper” where some old earth moving equipment lies.  She told me she hoped that our departures would draw the invaders out and the scope vehicle could guide to agents to eventual apprehension. Of course I agreed to comply.  I stayed at the scraper until 0430 then headed east, never knowing whether the tactic worked or not.  I patrolled east without incident all the way to the 141.  There I could view with my binoculars Kingfish on the top of his vehicle on the east side of Smith.  I called his cell and left a voice mail, which he later returned.  Max was asleep in the Oaks in Chicago’s van, CzechStan and Ridgerunner where not present.
By 0900 I returned to Patriot Point to retire in the 5th wheel for some badly needed shut-eye.  I slept from 1000 until 1300.

  By 1500 I was once again on patrol west.  At the 5 star, almost exactly where I had been sitting the night before watching the pen light moving toward me, was evidence of recent entry; water jugs and booties where all over the place.

1555 I headed west and as I rounded the 241 I spotted two men with black backpacks walking west on the service road parallel to the border road.  They saw me and bolted towards the fence and I gave it the gas while radioing Lil Dog and phoning BP. Seeing they couldn’t make it to the fence they doubled back north east toward the 127 tower as did I.  I hit the 127 road and parked, running after them on foot as a BP agent parked at Zuellner’s high point came down and gave chase as well.  I witnessed one make it back to the fence and go BTM but never saw the second.

  The agent tracked for a while and said it seemed they had both gone BTM, though I could still see the one man walking south in Mexico I never did see the other.

 Lil Dog rolled up about that time and gave me a welcomed ride back to my truck.
 Let me take a moment to express an opinion.  Whenever I talk to one particular observer, (not a Posse member) he claims the “right way” to watch the border is to park on high ground and stay there.  This is well and good, and any and all methods, which do not assist the enemy, are welcomed.  But there is definitely more than one way to skin a cat, so to speak.  Communications and mobility are necessary and effective as is the security guards’ best tactic: pattern variation.  Had I not been mobile I would not have startled the two invaders and they might well have completed their mission.  If I stay in one spot with no way of moving then I am extremely predictable, a behavior the enemy can easily take advantage of.  By varying tactics and patterns and staying in contact with other minutemen and agents I keep the enemy guessing and make it more difficult for the intruders.  This seems obvious to me as well as to the agents and civilian observers I work closely with.  Indeed more evidence of my pattern variation would manifest itself later in the day.
 At 1620 I was mobile again, heading west from the 241.  I sat at the base of Cap Rock, where I see BP positioned quite often (another tactical variation I employ: imitate BP-do what they do) After doing a comm check with Lil Dog, who advised me not to stay too close to Cap Rock where I could easily be surprised and vandalized, I got out and walked around a bit.  The agent who had assisted me earlier was back on Zuellner’s high point facing toward me and there were voices to my rear, in Mexico at the summit of Cap Rock.  I shielded my view from the setting sun and observed several Mexican shouting and waving at me.  Or, as I would find out moments later, maybe they were signaling someone else.  On my way back to my truck I found fresh tracks on the north side of the road.

 I got in the Uno mobile and drove slowly down the hill, intending to park in the immediate low spot facing west to view the men hollering at me.  All at once two would-be invaders jumped out of the bushes and hit the fence BTM.

 One made it over fairly easily,the second had some difficulty making it over and we had several seconds of eye contact. When I was sure he was looking at me I reached toward my shotgun, mounted vertically in plain view between my back seats. This seemed to provide the straggler all the motivation he needed to clear the fence.

 I snapped some photos and turned my truck around to face them.  They were walking casually in Mexico until I got on my loud speaker and announced. “La frontera es cerrado aqui!  El caza de immigrante es aqui! Adios assholes!”  I wish I could’ve been quick enough to photograph the looks on their faces as they bolted into the brush!  They looked hilarious!
 I must credit JJ with this tactic.  Years ago  while sitting at the 138 he told me he sometimes used his loud speaker to great and humorous effect.  Thanks JJ!  Hope to see you on the line again sometime and I look forward to reading your book when it becomes available.
 I stayed in that position for a while, enduring more taunts from the high pointers, while probing the brush for more intruders, then I left the area to be guarded by the lone agent at Zuellners. By 1730 I was on patrol to the east.  At 1750 I was in position facing south at the donut hole, just in time to watch two ladies stroll north up the ranchita road until they were out of sight.

 I can only assume they walked all the way to the fence and, after about ten minutes out of my view, they reappeared walking south.  They ambled all the way back to the ranchita.
 Around 1840 a dark sedan drove north from the ranchita to the Pemex intersection.  It parked, facing me in my obvious high point position and for a few moments we apparently had a sort of Mexican stand off.  Then it turned back south and parked behind some trees out of my view.  After several minutes it reappeared, again driving north, this time well past the Pemex, and parked.  Then a man came out of nowhere, from the rocks by the fence right where I assume the two ladies had ventured.  He walked up to the car, they gave him a backpack and he took off alone, on foot to the west south west toward the back of the 241.  I watched him as long as I could, the sun was setting and I soon lost sight of him.  The car exited the area to the south.  I notified Lil Dog of what I had witnessed and he informed BP.
 Shortly after that the BP helicopter (Omaha) was hovering low over the area at the east base of the 241 and two agents in two vehicles were out on foot sweeping the area.  I set off on foot and spoke with an agent, also on foot who told me it appeared a small group had apparently TBSed. Communication, mobility and pattern variation had apparently prevailed, at least for the moment. At 2100 I headed west back to the point and donned my long handles for a chilly night had set in.  By 2200 I was back at the donut hole. The night was a dark one.  A half moon would not rise until about 0100.  I switched on my motion sensors and cat napped again for a while until the moon provided my night vision device with much needed assistance. At 0155 I set off east on patrol.  I went all the way to the 141 and came back down the border road to the PCT and then diverted to the G-road. I patrolled under the power lines before re-entering the border road below the upper couch, just east of the 5 star.  Then I proceeded west, on to the Cap rock and back alternating between illuminating the fence holes, the border road, the service roads and the valleys below.

 By 0400 I had made my way back to the couch trial.  My intent was to stretch, brush the coffee and Skoal from my teeth and prepare to head for the Point for some much needed sleep. 

This plan, however. was put on hold when a BP agent came over the hill from the east.  He joined me at the couch and told me he had detected evidence of entry in the low spot on the road just to our east.  He wanted to track the group on foot and ask me if I would mind watching his truck lest it be vandalized.  “Of course.” I replied, “I would be honored.”  And so he set off on foot and I switched on my motion sensors, readied my night vision to observe the areas below, and poured myself yet another cup of coffee. Bedtime had been delayed. Pattern variation.

  By 0715 I was still watching the agents’ truck.

 I saw another agent come to the area behind my position to hook up a brush to begin morning dragging of the road.  I flagged him down and told him I was a bit concerned, that a lone agent had set off north on foot a full 3 hours earlier.  He was about to radio it in when the agent in question rode back up in a female agents truck.  He had had no luck finding the group and questioned his time frame of the tracks he had observed. Then he thanked me profusely for standing guard.
General Order Number 5: Never quit your post until properly relieved.
 Relieved of my immediate duty I headed to the Point.  But I had ingested copious amounts of coffee and Skoal and was unable to sleep.  I commandeered Lil Dog’s lap top and posted a blog entry directly from the Point.  Dog needed a few bolts and connecters to install the Godzilla transfer unit and Sgt Major agreed to come to the point and accompany Lil Dog to Julian to purchase the parts.  At 1100 Dog and Sgt Major took off leaving me to keep the Point secure, along with Freckles, Hot Shot and Sgt’s dog Dozer. 

There was Spanish chatter on our frequency and at 1215 the bastards called me on the radio by name!  I answered but got no reply.  Ken2 came by from the MCDC and visited for a bit before a BP supervisor came by.  While the esteemed agent was on hand a POI came walking up the border road in Mexico and sat down across from the “Jefe hole.” The supervisor drove on down the road and informed another agent of the man’s presence.  Apparently seeing that entry was futile at that point the man walked west down the Mexican border road before heading off to the south.

 Dual sport riders on their way from San Diego to Yuma stopped below us and got a brief introduction to life at the Point. 

By 1335 Dog returned and, with some help from Dick we made an unsuccessful and semi-painful attempt to heave the heavy transfer case into position under Godzilla.

 Exhausted at 1600, after a couple of cans of Wolf Brand Chili, (how long has it been since you had a big, thick, steamin' bowl?) I finally got the rest I had intended on getting a full 12 hours earlier. Before drifting off to sleep I was informed that there were 6 high pointers on the 241.
 I woke up at 1950 and was back on duty an hour after that.  I patrolled to Cap Rock and back before settling back at the donut hole at about 2200. I had seen no BP from the point to Cap Rock in the three hours I had been patrolling.  There was no moon yet and the ranchita was completely and, I might add, suspiciously, blacked out.  Staring out into the area below the 130 was like looking out with your eyes closed and even my night vision was of little use.  I radioed Dog who agreed the blacked out ranchita coupled with a moonless night was rather suspicious.
 I continued watch, alternating between silently sitting in the gloom and lighting up the area with my top mounted Go-Light. At 1215 two BP agents appeared, one on either end of the line. At 1235 an agent approached me to say they had caught 20 north of my position and were investigating other signs of entry, though they were unsure of the time frame on the most recently discovered tracks.  Bleary eyed and exhausted from the cumulative effects of sporadic sleep I headed back to the Point at 0226.

 As if to add insult to the injury of total darkness and an unusually blacked out house in the distance, a fog was beginning to set in, so I called it a night hoping my departure would draw the inevitable intruders out into the waiting arms of America’s Gatekeepers, The United States Border Patrol.

 I drifted off to a deep sleep in the 5th wheel at Patriot Point and did not wake up until 0945.

 I headed for home at 1045.  By 1250 I had my final contact for the week with the Border Patrol.  It was the west side of the Salton Sea at the BP checkpoint where they had the dog out sniffing cars.

 The agents always seem pleased when I tell them where I have been and what I have been doing.  I gave the agent on duty a flyer for Light Up The Line and headed on my way. 

As I exited the highway and headed toward the C1 compound I received a phone call from Lil Dog.  The BP supervisor was at the Point again and had just informed Dog that less than an hour after I had left the donut hole the night before agents had apprehended 48 illegal aliens at near that position!!   Good Job!!
  I was sure hoping to meet the Judge and was sad to hear of his passing.  But what a way to go!  Defending the country that he loved.  Defending freedom.  Doing the job our politicians don’t have the cajones to do.  God Bless You Judge!
  I hope to meet many new friends and fellow patriots this weekend west of Campo at Patriot Point for the 1st annual, Judge Robert M. Baker Memorial, LIGHT UP THE LINE event.

  Come on down!
 The weather varies.  Nice in the day, bordering on cold at night. There is always the chance of high winds. The first night I was there this time I did not need long johns but the second and third night I had to put them on.  Of course I am a desert dog now and my blood is thin.  During the day the snakes are out so watch your step.

 I saw no rattlers this time, but trust me they are out there.

 This guy was friendly enough.

I will be heading back to the line early tomorrow morning, 4APR08 for the weekend.
 Semper Vigilans,

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  1. J J

    Charlie, Sounds like you're having too much fun to me… what with all that chasing Mexicans back into Mexico, and sleeping in like that…ha, ha!

    April 5, 2008 at 14:50

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