Sad Day-Tribute to a Patriot who died in the line of duty.

Sad Day"

I was saddened to hear that our friend and fellow minuteman patriot Bob Baker (the "Judge") passed away early last evening while standing guard at Patriot Point near Campo Calif. He had traveled 1,400 miles to do what he considered his "DUTY", to this nation, by defending our borders from the illegal and drug invasion currently going on.

Bob was a patriot of the highest order, serving his nation in many different capacities. He was a Paratrooper in Europe during WW2, he was a police officer, he was a Judge in his town, he served as Circuit Judge, he was Fire Chief in his home town, a Lawyer, and much more. He traveled the world with his first wife shooting Trap, he was also a big game hunter traveling the world. He was always doing and going and to his last day wanted to give back to and defend his beloved country. He felt that he owed everything to this nation that allowed him, and gave him, the opportunity to become the man that he was.

I met Bob in Fabens Texas in 06 and we worked together with other volunteers supporting the Texas Minutemen on the border where Border Patrol Agents Compean and Ramos worked. Bob had a great personality and made friends fast and gained their respect wherever he went.

I again had the honor and pleasure to work with this great man in Three Points, AZ during the entire month of Oct. 07, doing Operations north of Sasabe, AZ, with the group Minuteman Of One. We put over 1000 miles on my Rhino 4X4, together, doing recons, brooming trails, standing post, and regular patrols. I got to know him very well after many hours together. We bonded well during that time and our friendship grew, even though it was short lived.

His health was failing fast but he would not give up, and against all advice from family and friends, he headed out again to do his DUTY with all his last bit of strength. He had several disappointments on the way which took a toll on his spirit, I'm sure, but he continued on until he reached Campo, Cal. "Lil Dog", another great patriot in this battle to save our nation, at Patriots Point, welcomed him into the group and treated this old but great man, warrior, and patriot with the respect he deserved. He served his final days and hours doing what he wanted and loved to do, defending his country on the border, sitting in his pickup, and quietly passing on to a much better place.

For those of us who were fortunate enough to know Bob and to be his friend, our lives have changed for the better I believe.
We will miss you Bob, we salute you, rest in peace.

Al Davies

Photo posted by Bonfire on the Mountain Minuteman forums- Tribute above by Al Davies.  Wish I could've met this ol boy.  He is an inspiration to me.

He is a ship that sails and we stand watching till he
fades on the horizon and someone at our side says he
is gone.

Gone where? Gone from our sight, that is all. He is
just as large now as when we last saw him. His
diminished size and total loss from our sight is in
us, not in him.

And just at that moment, when someone at our side says
he is gone, there are others who are watching him
coming over their horizon and other voices take up a
glad shout – Here he comes!

Life is a horizon and death is just the limit of our

Lift us up Great Spirit, that we may see further.

God Bless you, Judge. Keep an eye on us will ya?
We will try to Light It Up down here a little for you!
I'll be back on the line Friday 4APR08

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  1. Hi, JJ!

    CharlieUno your site kicks butt. I'll see you this weekend bud.

    April 3, 2008 at 05:55

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