Are you a Vigilante or a “Negligente”?

Lack of vigilance is clearly negligence.

Border update 7-9MAR08

  I left my home 20 at 0530 and arrived in Jacumba at 0730.  About 0800 I was in front of Camp Vigilance, donned my gear and called Patriot Point to inform them that I would soon be heading west on the border road from Tierra Del Sol.  I put in at an abandoned Red Shank at 0830. 

I saw no Border Patrol until I got to the west side of Smith Canyon, but I did find several fresh holes with signs of entry under the fence between Red Shank and Smith.

  As a courtesy I phoned Kingfish as I passed under his position on the east side of Smith Canyon.  I got no answer and left a message on his voice mail informing him that I was in the area and headed west.  Then I ventured into Smith.  I raised Lil Dog on the telephone to ask him to man the “Patrol Channel” radio, an alternative to the FM radios we normally use which do not work in the bottom of the canyons of Smith and La Gloria.  Neither of the two different cell phone carriers I use on the border work in the canyon bottoms either, but the “Patrol Channel” does, enabling us to safely monitor those positions and radio help if need be.
 Of course, the loud report of a firearm can be used to signal in a pinch.  Remember three shots means SOS.  Four or more means the bastard is SOL.
 By 1100 I was position at the donut hole watching an adult and a child with four dogs in Mexico flying a kite. Then I moved on west to check out the line between the 241 and Cap Rock.  Just past the 241 I found a hole under the fence with evidence of fresh entry.

Luckily there was a small loose section of fence panel nearby and I used some metal stakes I had, along with some bailing wire, to plug the hole. 

Then I headed back east after one westbound pass to Cap Rock.  At 1150, with BP at the donut hole, I took up watch at the “couch trail” and then, when BP re-located, I moved back to the donut hole.
 At 1300 I observed a dark sedan with a primered right front quarter panel come north on the Ranchita road, turn west on the Pemex and drive out of my view. I radioed Dog at the Point and he observed the vehicle unload four men with bags and back packs.  They disappeared into the rocks south of the 241.  I repositioned to the 127 about 1330, correctly assuming these men would ascend the 241.  Weasel was on the line by then and headed up the 241 on foot.  I alternated between patrolling between the 127 and the Zuellners turn out and sitting in various spots where I could view the 241.  Occasionally I caught a glimpse of the would-be intruders on the south side of the 241 and of Weasel on the north side of the summit.

 At 1420 I witnessed an awe-inspiring sight.  Almost without warning, what to my untrained eyes appeared to be a USMC or USN HH-4D Sea Knight breached the 241 at low level.  He must have hugged the hill because he came up over it at almost a 45 degree angle!  It was a sight to behold and must have momentarily shaken up the Mexicans.  I reckon it messed up Weasel’s hair as low as it was.  Pity my camera was not at the ready to capture this glorious sight.  I did manage to snap a photo as it flew over my position at the Zuellner’s turn out.

  After the fly by I returned to the entrance to the 127 just in time to hear gunshots from the top of the 241.  Now, I had seen Weasel on the top an hour or so before and knew he was armed with a long gun.  The last time I had seen him armed with such a weapon it was a Kel-Tec SU-16 chambered for .223.  The reports I heard were definitely not from a .223, they were much louder and deeper.  At 1540, unable to raise Weasel clearly on the radio, and fearing he was taking fire I grabbed my Mossberg 590, fixed the bayonet and stormed the hill,

(I use the term “storm” loosely as my age, bad knee and heavy body armor make me a bit slow moving up the grade)

 …only to find a grinning Weasel armed with a scattergun as well.

 The shots I had heard were 12 gauge rounds being fired into the air southward by the RRCR Captain clearing the hill, giving the Mexicans a little pause for concern.  By 1630 we both had descended the hill.
  I stayed on the west side of the 241 for the most part, and watched the 241 through my binoculars.  A man dressed in black and one dressed in brown showed themselves from time to time.  The man in black then made a break, trotting north toward the summit before disappearing behind some rocks.   A few moment later I viewed the same man, running south at full speed, in America, back toward the summit flag.  He had obviously made it down to the border road below the 241 on the north and was now sprinting back home.  I accelerated toward the base of the 241, by the 127 road, only to find one of the occupants of “The Oaks” right at the base of the hill where the intruder had to have just been!  Was he the pickup?  Did the man in black make a drop?  Or was it all just a coincidence? That Oaks indigent had not been in the area all day and all of a sudden he was in the exact spot where a probable smuggler and penetrated the frontier! I listen to my gut and my gut said something wasn’t right.  Another interesting “coincidence” was that while men at Patriot Point were observing a Mexican on the 241 walking in circles talking on a cell phone, the Oaks inhabitant was at the base of the 241, also on a cell phone.  I realize this is all circumstantial and coincidental, but this is the second time I have observed as this Slavic “minuteman” miraculously appeared out of nowhere to be exactly at the intruders’ point of entry. Several weeks before, as I was sitting at Zuelnner’s high point dividing my time between observing the 241 and Cap Rock, a similar situation occurred.  High pointers were on Cap Rock and I called BP to inform them that two of the men had begun a northward descent.  Out of nowhere the same Slovakian in the minivan appeared on the border road, headed west to the north side of Cap Rock and then stopped out of my view exactly at the point where trajectory would seem to indicate the intruders would emerge!  Amazing coincidence, eh?  Now, I know I have been in the wrong place at the wrong time on occasion in my life, and everyone on the border is suspect to some extent, including me, but come on!!  These two incidents, which I witnessed myself, along with actions others have observed the same individual engaging in, indicate a problem.  Is it carelessness, inconsideration, coincidence or corruption?  Whatever it is, it begs further investigation. The rest of the evening was relatively uneventful.   I debriefed with Mountain Minutemen and BP at Patriot Point.
 Dick brought me an egg crate foam pad for the back of Godzilla.  I put it to the test at 0150.
0600: Rise and Shine.
0645: Positioned at Zuellner’s high point, I observed and reported at least five men at the top of Cap Rock.  I made coffee and alternated between observing east and west.

 The Cap Rock men popped up from time to time and it seemed like every time I was about ready to reposition they would increase observable activity, though I never witnessed any of them descend.

 Intel has it that there is a large tent up there accessable from a jeep trail to the south.  The bastards are up to no good, that’s certain and at least one BP agent has been threatened and was injured when he went up to investigate.  Anyway, about noon, with several agents in the area, I set off on patrol to the east.  I made a pass down to the 141, stopped at the Point at 1300 for debriefing and sitrep, then positioned myself at the donut hole at approximately 1415.   At 1445 Dog was manning his scope at the Point, Bravo 2 was at the couch trail, when Dog got on the radio to say he was observing white bus on the S1 in Mexico unloading a bunch of people by the ranchita road.  I observed at least eight of these individuals heading due north, directly in my direction until they ducked behind a large pile of rocks and I lost sight of them. Dog observed a second large group change directions and run due west toward the ranchita and on to the backside of the hill behind the 241, where the upper and lower fork roads disappear to the south.
  There were still at least two highpointers on the 241 and probably at least twenty individuals scattered in various areas to the south.  Had they all split up? Or had the eight Bravo 2 and I saw rejoined the larger group from the bus?  I alternatively observed the area the area where I had see the eight disappear, the 214 and the upper and lower fork roads.  At the point where the upper fork winds out of sight to the south a man popped his head and torso up and began observing me.  My truck in plain sight and me on the rocks with binoculars we observed each other for nearly an hour.  At 1620 I decided to reposition where I could observe from concealment the spotter on the upper fork.  I backed my truck behind the berm on the 129 access road. I was crouching in the rocks at 1710 in a spot where my truck could not be seen but where I could monitor the 241, the upper and lower fork roads, the "ranchita" and Pemex roads.  There were Mexican spotters on the 241 and a man on the upper fork, also in Mexico, watching me.  All at once headlights were pointing north at me from the ranchita road and when the vehicle turned east on the Pemex ("Tecate/Federale road") I realized it was a military vehicle loaded with armed men.

 I had no time to take photos as I was in a bad radio spot and had to run up to where my radio would get out to tell the other observers that Mexican Military (paramilitary? Zetas?) was heading their way in Mexico parallel to the line. They apparently took up a position south of us, out of our sight after making their presence known. We never did see them leave.

The above two photos are courtesy of Lil Dog and I cropped the one directly above and zoomed it in with iPhoto.
 After alerting the rest of the men I headed east to the point where to be informed that the hummer had disappeared.  BP was in the area in large numbers and had the situation well in hand the rest of the night.  At 2000 I patrolled the border road down to the 141 and the service and power line roads with no incident. I retired to the back of Godzilla at 0300/0200 daylight saving’s time having just resumed. I slept like a baby until 0800!
0800-Rise and Shine- felt kind of guilty having slept so late and am always grateful for the BP graveyard shift.  They were all over the area when I got up as were the rest of the Mountain Minutemen.  I secured my gear for the trip home but decided to make one more patrol to the west before departing.  I went to the 127 and sat for only a few minutes before surprising two men on the north side of the 241.  I sent them BTM and informed BP before heading home.
  I am a “prevention specialist.” If I can assist in apprehension, as I have done many times in the past, I will continue to do so.  Primarily though, my function is as a deterrent.  Keeping the smugglers from entering, or making it as difficult as I can, is my primary purpose and means less paperwork for the agents I am there to assist.  I am a certified search and rescue tech (III), a registered security guard, CPR, defib and first aid certified.  These trainings and certifications are not required by my “real” job away from the border.   I got them at my own time and expense to lend a measure of professionalism, credibility and expertise to my duty as a civilian observer. I am a Patriot Point Posse member and  will work with any like-minded patriotic individual or group, but take direct orders only from Border Patrol, Law Enforcement or Military.  I believe it is counter-productive to the cause to engage in public character defamation of other observers or groups. We should place principles before personalities. But when an individual or organization intentionally assists the other side in weakening our homeland security I will, and indeed already have, report it to the proper authorities.  We cannot afford to have “dirty” members of civilian observer groups undermining the effectiveness of our already overburdened Border Patrol agents and law enforcement officials.  God knows our damn politicians do enough of that already.
By 1000 9MAR I was back in my home in the barrio.  I closed and secured the front access to the C1 compound and once again viewed with a mixture of dismay and amusement the faded, vintage, cold war era sign hung on the inside of my gate, which I see each time I leave home.

April 4-11 is the LIGHT UP THE LINE event at Patriot Point.  See the flyer below. E-mail me at, Lil Dog at or go to for instructions and directions.  I will be there with my usual array of lights, which on more than one occasion the BP has said are like kryptonite to the invaders.
 I will also be heading down on or about 27MAR08 for three or four days.  WAKE UP AMERICA!  Don't be a negligente! Come on down!
 God Bless Y’all and God Bless the United States of America.
Semper Vigilans,



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