Update on the way, meanwhile, we had visitors………

I was crouching in the rocks by the 129 service road at 1510 on 8MAR08 in a spot where my truck could not be seen but where I could monitor the 241, the upper and lower fork roads, the "ranchita" and Pemex roads.  There were Mexican spotters on the 241 and a man on the upper fork, also in Mexico, watching me.  We had seen a bus on the S1 in Mexico unload a bunch of people and I personally saw eight individuals heading for the border before they ducked out of sight.  All at once headlights were pointing north at me from the Ranchita road and when the vehicle turned east on the Pemex ("Tecate/Federale road") I realized it was a military vehicle loaded with armed men.  I had no time to take photos as I was in a bad radio spot and had to run up to where my radio would get out to tell the other observers that Mexican Military (paramilitary? Zetas?) was heading their way in Mexico parallel to the line. They apparently took up a position south of us, out of our sight after making their presence known. We never did see them leave. This photo is courtesy of Lil Dog and I cropped it and zoomed it in with iPhoto.
I will be writing a full report of my 7-9MAR08 border duty shortly.

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