Border Update 9-11FEB08

 I departed my home 20 at 0530 and arrived in Jacumba at 0750.  Topped off my tank, evacuated coffee and installed the Golight on the top of my truck and the tracking light on the side.  Then I headed off toward Campo on scenic Highway 80 until veering to the left on to Highway 94.  A short ways up the road I usually turn left at Tierra Del Sol and hit the border road at Red Shank, but the weather days before had been very rainy and I had noticed many large puddles, so I decided against it.  I headed straight for Campo on 94 and entered the border road at Forest Gate.

  There were quite a few people at Patriot Point including some new observers, Butch and Cricket, from Las Vegas.  All were gathered on top in anticipation of a flyby by Yellow Hornet, one of at least three (that I know of) Patriot Point Posse piloted planes.  As we all waited, scopes and binoculars pointed in all directions we saw NO SIGN OF JIM GILCHREST OR HIS MONEY….

 Many new posse members have come to the point to see how well the much ballyhooed “founder of the movement” was supporting the true patriots on the line.  The answer is NOT AT ALL.

 PLEASE SUPPORT LIL DOG AND THE PATRIOT POINT POSSE BY VISITING THE WEBSITE: 100% of donations goes for food gas and supplies used in stopping smugglers from penetrating our southern border.
 Also free to contact me at if you have any questions.

At 1000 Yellow Hornet made several passes, covering the area from Cap Rock to Tierra Del Sol and reported little activity.  It’s great to have eyes in the air! 

Not wanting to stay on the Point with the bulk of the crew I set off on patrol.  I spoke briefly with a Campo BP based supervisor who was tracking on foot at the 239.  Seems The Oaks and just east of there are getting pounded and penetrated on a regular basis.
By 1100 I was positioned at the 127 to observe the north side of the 241.  On my way in that morning I actually passed Forest Gate road first and cruised on down 94 to just below Zuellners by the water truck, a favorite pick up point for smugglers.  There I turned around and on my way back, just west Forest Gate, I observed two BP trucks on the side of the road and men tracking in the field.  Apparently there had been a spotter on the 241 earlier that morning and a couple tried to get through.  It is my understanding those agents I observe caught these intruders.

At 1310 I made a patrol pass down to the 141 and was back at the 127 by 1400.

 Border Patrol was out in force and they, like us became aware about 1630 that four men were up on the 241.  We observed them until about 1715 and assumed they turned back south.
I alternated sitting in various spots and patrolling and by 0130 I went to sleep in the back of Godzilla.

Sunday 10FEB08

I got up about 0630 and by 0710 was positioned at Zuellners high point. At about 0800 four would be intruders were back on the 241 and BP responded by going up and running them off.  At 0830, while the BP was still responding to the 241 high pointers I moved closer and positioned myself back at the 127.  While scanning the canyon below with my binoculars I spotted what looked like a backpack purposely weighted down with rocks.  At 0845 I radioed Lil Dog and told him I was going into the canyon on foot.  I found a well worn trail and worked my way down to the item which turned out to just be a jacket semi-stashed under some rocks.  There were lots of other pieces of clothing and water bottles, obviously it was a regularly used route.  I followed a different trail on my way up and practiced my tracking. I came across a single ”border bootie” apparently shucked off on the way down, I realized, through careful observation, that these booties leave many tell tale signs and I followed them up.

 It was an excellent lesson in sign cutting and tracking as well as being great exercise.  Somewhat winded I was back on top of the 127 by 0915 and set off on patrol again by about 0945.
At about 1200 I joined Butch from Vegas at the donut hole to watch a curious sight, which unfortunately I did not get photos of.  A group of Mexicans got out of a truck on the flat land southeast of the 241 and spent more than an hour gathering sticks and stacking then in pointed piles. Some BP agents came up and watched this spectacle with us and they too found it curious, so much so that they went to the base of the 241, got out of their truck and watched the stick stackers from the spot on the east side of the 241 where the fence ends.
I suspect the mexicans were either sizing up our force or creating a diversion. I went back to the 127 and about 1310 another member of the Mountain Minutemen Air Force, Green Hornet, made a recon pass and in doing so flushed out five high pointers on the Cap Rock. 

I watched two of the come down a trail on the east side and do the disappearing Mexican trick behind a rock.  I watched and watched but never saw them reappear.

At about 1530 I was about to move from the 127, in fact I had left the tower pad and was pulling on to the border road, when Lil Dog radioed that two men were back on the 241.  They apparently waited until I moved to show themselves.  I slammed my truck in reverse and backed back up to the 127 tower pad to see one of the bastards standing on a high point rock, in America. Watching me watch him.  I stayed until the bastard retreated. The game of cat and mouse continues to the day I am sure.  I wish I could’ve used my M1A on the son of a bitch!

Darkness set in and again I alternated between patrolling the border road and the service roads and trails.  BP, as usual, was supportive of this as I met and spoke with several agents in the course of our duty.  I have a decent night vision unit but with no moon at all it was still hard to see at distance.  At the donut hole I played with my newest toy: an infrared lens for my Golight.  It works great and I think with a hands-free head mount for my NV unit I could use it to drive in total darkness.   I used the new infrared light to illuminate the large gap in the fence below the donut hole.

 Off on patrol again, this time on the power line road I noticed the BP helicopter circling low west of Campo.  Then, about 2130 I came across an empty BP truck sitting on the power line road with only it’s side light on, just south of Castle Rock.  I got out with my shotgun, stood and guarded it for a while and radioed Lil Dog.  He could see it and me from the Point and confirmed much BP activity north of my position.  I also observed an abundance tracks in the area.
Not wanting to startle an agent by me standing Mossberg in hand by his truck I drove up the road toward Forest Gate where I could see the agents’ truck from a distance and monitor incoming traffic.  After about thirty minutes a BP agent drove up carrying the agent who the truck belonged to.  They thanked me for watching the truck and I thanked them for their service to our country.
The rest of the night was uneventful from my limited viewpoint and by midnight I was back in Godzilla for some much needed shut-eye.  I departed the border at 0430 Monday 11FEB08

March 2nd is Texas Independence Day and March 6th I, like every good patriotic Texan, will REMEMBER THE ALAMO.

I hope to be back on the border March 7th.  Come on down.  Tell Jim Gilchrest we’ll be waiting for him………. But don’t send the bastard any money.  It will be wasted.  If you want to contribute go to  You will also find directions to Patriot Point on that website.  Lil Dog is on the border 24/7!  We need patriotic men and women during the week as well as on weekends.  It matters not if you are affiliated with another border group.  All are welcome in the newly formed
Association of Dedicated Independent ObserverS
 Semper Vigilans


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