Border update 19-21JAN08

  I departed my home 20 at 0541.  After stopping in Jacumba to top off my tank, evacuate some coffee and rig up my truck I set off west down old Highway 80.  On the west side of Jacumba I got behind 2 BP Suburbans filled with agents.  They drove awhile and then turned off the highway south towards Mexico. I arrived at the entrance to the border road in Tierra Del Sol (Red Shank) at 0900.  To my surprise there were 6 BP vehicles and at least 24 agents there all outside the vehicles milling around.  Several were looking east through binoculars.  After speaking with the supervisor I was granted permission to continue west on the border road to Campo.
 I spoke briefly with Kingfish on the phone as I passed underneath his position on the high point east of Smith Canyon.  The road is being re-graded and there are many road pins and markings now as well as heavy equipment parked on the east side.  I proceeded on through La Gloria and arrived at the 138 by 1000.  I entertained the idea of setting up camp there but it was just too damn windy to pitch my tent.  Then I got word via radio from Lil Dog that there were 4 spotters on the 241 monument, the hill where we were to re-raise the Stars and Stripes later in the day.  Big Bob and Stretch took up position at the 127 to observe the south side of the 241 hill.  By 1030 I had taken up position at Zuellner’s high point, soon to be joined by an M4 toting BP agent who walked up from the south.  His partner soon followed up to Zuellner’s in his truck and they informed me of a group waiting to cross directly in front of us behind a white 8 painted on the border fence.

 I could see their spotter with my binoculars and the agents said there were at least six more directly behind the fence, out of sight.  They asked me if I would stay there for a while and of course, that was my reason for being there.  They also pointed out another spotter high up on Cap Rock to the west and I informed them of the spotters to the east on the 241.  It was certainly shaping up to be a busy day.
  The agent departed and I took up watch, alternating between watching the group in front of me, and the spotters on the high points east and west.  The Cap Rock spotter only popped up occasionally and the spotter in front of me eventually ducked behind the fence, presumably with the rest of his group.  I was particularly interested in the spotters on the 241 as we were planning to re-raise the flag there later that day.  Those men also had the best vantage point to guide the group in front of me.  BP had trucks on the eastern most and western most ends of the border road so everyone was essentially at a stalemate.
 About 1145 Green Hornet and Bravo2 did a fly by from the west.  The east when was blowing hard and they radioed that their airspeed was 36 MPH!  When they turned around at Patriot Point and caught the tailwind their speed increase by nearly 100 MPH.

  After this Patriot Point Posse piloted plane completed their recon I ventured on foot east of my truck to some rocks and ducked out of sight to try to view the 241 from a more covert position.

 Almost as soon as I did, two of the men on 241 got up in plain view and began walking west and north.  It looked as though they were going to enter the US and then got spooked and crouched behind some rocks.  I stood up to get a better view of them and they laid low.  Then when I ducked back down they got up and stood in plain sight and seemed to be discussing something. It went on this way for quite a few minutes.  I would stand up and they would duck down.  I would duck down and they would stand up. 

Then I got the call that the flag raising was about to commence.  With BP still at either end of the border road I left my position at Zuellner’s High Point and headed for the staging area on the east side of the 241.  


At the base of the hill armed elements of the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps (MCDC) stood guarding the trucks.  Other MCDC members stormed the hill along with members of the Mountain Minutemen, the Rough Riders Civil Recon, local landowners and other independent border observers. 

The flag had been stolen eight times previously and Lil Dog and Big Dick had pre-fabbed the flag and the mast to be raised for the ninth time all under the proud and watchful eyes of the Border Patrol and the not so proud, rapidly retreating eyes of the Mexican spotters.

Men and women took up positions around the top of the hill armed with binoculars and long guns. And the flag raising commenced.  It was truly an inspirational event and Old Glory waves proudly on top of 241 again, at least until the next time the bastards steal it.

 Please indulge me as I wax editorially for a moment.  The eight thefts of the American flag at the 241 is symbolic of what is wrong with the country of Mexico.  Instead of taking the time and effort to proudly plant a Mexican flag on the south side of 241 the intruders destroy our country’s banner.  Instead of standing up to their own corrupt country, Mexico, a country that should be a paradise, a country that has abundant natural resources and hard working people and beaches and crops and tourism, instead they spread their corruption northward.  Our own government enables this.  Instead of insisting that Mexico keep it’s problems and solve them through whatever means necessary, our country facilitates the importation of poverty and corruption, yes, through corruption of it’s own.  The end result can only be an America that becomes a third world shit hole like its neighbor to the south.  Mi Amigos, instead of ruining our country, improve your own!  Instead of tearing down our flag on the north side of the 241 mountain erect your own country’s standard on the south! La Revolucion no es terminada! Take back your country, amigos!

 I was proud to be a part of the flag raising and heartened to see so many people of various border groups come together and work toward a common goal. On that day a new association was born:

The Association of Dedicated Independent ObserverS

ADIOS muchachos!

  After the flag raising event I made a few patrol passes down to the 141 and back. It was about that time that Kingfish phoned me to inform me of Senior patrol Agent Luis Aguliar's untimely death in the line of duty. Please refer to the entries below this one for ways to contribute the this fallen hero's widow and two children.
Then I resumed my observation from Zuellner’s High Point.  By 1645 the Mexican spotters had returned to the 241, but left the flag untouched.  Big Bob and Stretch stayed at the 127 until dark and then re-postioned to the “Donut Hole” after a coffee break at Patriot Point.  Just before dark I drove down from Zuellners and spoke with a pretty female BP agent who was parked at the entry to the 126.  Having never seen her before I informed her of my nighttime SOP and asked her permission to carry on which she gratefully granted.  I told her the spotters had returned to the 241 then I set east on patrol. I activated my BP style side-mounted tracking light and began sweeping searches with my top mounted, rotating GoLight.  And proceeded down to the 141 and back several times, alternating between driving on the border road, the service road, the power line road and several lesser used trails.  A little after 1900 I was heading west on the service road when I encountered Lil Dog driving toward me.  He stopped and informed me that he had just dropped Weasel off at the base of the 241 and that Weasel was heading up on foot, alone, to guard the flag.  I got back on the border road just beneath the rocky “engage 4×4” section and drove slowly west. I went all the way around the 241 and almost to Cap Rock before turning around to patrol eastbound.  About this time I could barely make out Weasel whispering something on the radio from the 241 peak.  As I approached the 127 I thought I heard him say, “they are all around me.”  His transmission was breaking up and Lil Dog was trying to raise him to ask him if he was all right and if he needed support.  I took up position at the base of the 241 on the west side about where the border fence ends and began sweeping the hill with my GoLight.  Again I heard Weasel say “They are all around me.”  I asked if he needed me to come up and I could barely hear him say something like, “There’s at least four, I can’t talk, they are all around me.”  Weasel was using his earpiece and mike for stealth and speaking low.  His transmissions were barely audible and there was lots of static.  I continued lighting up the west side of the hill while trying to raise him to see if he was safe.  Unable to get a response to my satisfaction, I sped off around the base of 241 and radioed Lil Dog that I was going up the mountain on foot to assist Weasel.  Again the team functioned flawlessly.  Without hesitation Big Bob and Stretch took up position just under the east side of the 241 to watch my truck which was parked right next to the where the border fence ends, the staging area of our flag raising earlier in the day.  Lil Dog manned a high point above Big Bob with night vision to watch the hill and informed BP of the events unfolding.  I grabbed my large MagLite and my Mossberg 590 and stormed up the hill.  Weasel radioed me and asked my position.  I told him I was about a quarter of the way up.  Again his transmission was vague, but I believe he said he was in the rocks on the northeast side.  About that time I saw a person trot south past the flag at the top.  I radioed Weasel to ask if that was him and heard an emphatic “No.”  About three quarters the way up Weasel stood up and hollered. “Clear this hill, men!” Running and almost to the top I hollered, “Sweep and Clear!”  Weasel met me at the summit and then Lil Dog radioed that he had a visual on four men heading back to Mexico down the south side.  Feeling triumphant we stayed at the top for a good 30-45 minutes and swept the area.  Then Weasel walked down toward the trail on the north side while I climbed up on a high point where I could watch his back and the summit at the same time.  Two BP units pulled up on the road by the 127 turnout and began tracking on foot.  They must have seen or heard us and hollered up to Weasel, “Who’s up there?”  Weasel replied, “Minutemen.”  They continued tracking and Weasel came back up to the summit.  We walked around for a minute and then heard Lil Dog exclaim, “(expletive deleted), There must be at least fifteen or twenty in a group heading back south down the fork trail from the 241!!” Weasel and I were exuberant.  We had sent them packing!  It was teamwork at it’s finest.  He and I, Lil Dog, Big Bob and Stretch all working together to successfully defend one small section of the border from would be intruders.
 We walked back down the mountain and Weasel rode off with Lil Dog back to Patriot Point for debriefing, Big Bob and Stretch went back to the “Donut Hole” and I set off east on patrol again.  On my return pass west back to the base of 241 I was greeted by a BP agent who inquired if we had any men on the hill.  I told him no and informed him of the prior events.  Then, just as the BP helicopter flew over low, he told me that the four spotters were back on the 241 and that BP was going up.  He asked that our men stay clear for a while.  He also informed me that the two agents who had been tracking below Weasel and I while we were on top of the hill had caught twelve illegals by the 127!
 Earlier in the week I had added a fog light on the mast in the bed of my truck, which my GoLight is mounted to.  With my sidelight and XM radio plugged into the same circuit I tried out the new illuminator and the circuit went dark.  I thought I had blown the inline fuse at the battery, so I drove to the full moon lit mesa at the 139 and popped the hood to replace the fuse, only to find the entire fuseholder melted into a twisted, unserviceable mess.

 I disconnected it from the battery and clipped the ruin section.  Then I rerouted the assembly in the cab to the fused 12 volt outlet and was underway again, only to blow that fuse.  I found the fuse box, thinking it would be now problem to replace.  I have an assortment of every kind of fuse except the one that blew.  It was a mini stab-in and I had none.  Taking it as an omen I headed back to Patriot Point to retire in the spacious, virtually luxurious (compared to the tent I usually sleep in) confines of Godzilla.  Lil Dog had even run an electric line to the back of the old camouflaged Suburban and had a heater running in there for me! By 0030 was in my sleeping bag and slept like a baby for four solid hours.
 By 0530 I was back on patrol.  Almost immediately I encountered a BP agent, also on patrol.  He informed me that they had apprehended a total of 40 intruders in the wee hours of the night at various locations.  Between the BP and the Minutemen it had been a bad night for drug smuggling and illegal immigration!
  Later that morning Lil Dog cannibalized his CB radio connection to provide me with an inline fuseholder.  God Bless him.  That circuit back in working order I left my shotgun at the Point and headed into town.  The friendly store in Cameron Corners had the mini fuse that I needed and, after topping off my thermoses and my gas tank I headed back to the border to resume observation.  
 It was a beautiful, sunny day with no wind and I entered the border road at the PCT and headed west.  To the 141 where I watched La Gloria canyon and beyond for awhile. Then I went to the Donut Hole and watched a truck come up from the ranchita and turn to travel east on the Tecate/Federale road (Pemex road) and disappear in the area we call the Bermuda Triangle.  Shortly after that a quad came into view from the east, heading west on the Pemex only to disappear in the same area.  Green Hornet did a flyby about that time but could not see the vehicles in Mexico. 

Shortly after that a man on foot walked west into view on the Pemex road and was picked up by a car who turned back south toward the ranchita.  This was about all of the action I saw that day.  I think we kicked their ass real good on Saturday and they took Sunday off.   By 1430 I was back at Zuellner’s high point and stayed there till dark.  I patrolled awhile with no contacts and then relived Big Bob at the donut hole after a pass down to the 141 and back.  With little action I retired to Godzilla by midnight, slept like a baby and then left the border and headed home about 0430 21Jan08.
  It was a satisfying weekend and a testimony to how a few dedicated men, working as a team, could assist the Border Patrol in securing our porous southern frontier.  Imagine what we could do with more men on the line!  I just got word that this weekend, 26-27JANO8, Lil Dog and Bravo2 cleared more men off of the 241.  Good Job!
  I urge any and all able bodied Americans to contact Lil Dog at Patriot Point, the link is to the right on this page, and join the men on the line in Campo, California to defend America.

I plan on being back on duty 9FEB08.  I am committed to one weekend a month as I still work fulltime and more.  It would be easy to sit back and relax every weekend I don’t work my job, but I would feel guilty.  This country has given me so much.  A weekend a month is the least I can do.  Would that I could do more.  When I am off the line I crave to return.  Won’t you join us?
God Bless y’all and God Bless America!
Semper Vigilans,

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