Info From: "Patriots' Border Alliance " webmaster@patriotsb orderalliance. com
A memorial fund has been set up for slain Yuma Sector Border Patrol agent, Luis Aguilar Jr.
 The account is at the National Bank of Arizona under the account number 0163038724.
The address and phone number of the bank is 1800 South Fourth, Yuma AZ  85364, 928-782-7505.

 The bank assured the Border Patrol agent who was checking into this that every penny will go to the family and only the widow will have access to the funds deposited in that account. He said that the bank is not even  charging any fees for setting up the account or maintaining it.

 PLEASE share this info with all your members and with any other  organizations that you know would be interested in sending money to help  out Luis Aguilar's widow and children.
 Luis Aguilar, 32, was hit about 9:30 a.m. Saturday while putting down spike strips to stop a fleeing SUV in the Imperial Sand Dunes near Yuma, about 170 miles east of San Diego.
THANK YOU to E. Huff for chasing down this information and sharing it with us.


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