Border Update 29-31DEC07

 Saturday 29DEC07:
  I arrived at the border in Tierra Del Sol at 0815 and entered the border road at Red Shank.  The National Guard was absent, but I was greeted by three BP agents who waved me through.  I proceeded slowly west in the fog and drizzle, through Smith and La Gloria canyons and then briefly visited with Viking who was positioned at 141.  Then I headed to 138 and set up my camp there.
  After setting up my tent and unloading my truck I set off for Patriot Point and touched base with Lil Dog. I was greeted with a large, welcomed breakfast of eggs, sausage, bacon, taters and toast.  I patrolled the area for a while after that and by 1340 I positioned myself at Zuellner’s High Point. At 1500 I phoned Tecate BP to inform them they had a spotter on top of Cap Rock.  The spotter and I watched each other for a while and when BP had the area covered I relocated to the “Donut Hole” high point at 129.  Two vehicles in Mexico moved north toward me and then they stopped and about half a dozen men got out and appeared to collect firewood.  Then they piled back in and headed south back to the “ranchita”, a known staging area.
I alternated between sitting at various positions and patrolling from 141 to 126.  In the middle of the night my trusty GoLight, the remote controlled top mounted rotating spotlight, shorted out and went dark.  At 0220 I went back to my tent and slept for about four or five cold hours.
 Sunday 30DEC07:
I awakened and commenced my patrols at 0815.  Shortly after that Stretch saw some spotters on the 241 monument.  Lil Dog took the 129 donut hole, Big Bob and grandson Stretch took up position at 127 and I headed back to Zuellner’s high point above the 126.  We had all but the south side covered then and the spotters dug in at the 241 monument.  Meanwhile, at Zuellners I was treated to a visual of many BP trucks and the BP helicopter working the Zullner’s valley highway 94 area vigorously.  This went on for at least half an hour before the copter left and the activity diminished.

 The spotters were still on top of 241 and Lil Dog got fed up and stormed the hill with dog Freckles at his side.  At first he found no people up there and so he stayed on top and became our spotter.
 I alternated between scanning the valley between the border and Highway 94 with my binoculars and exploring some of the heavily traveled trails at the top of my position.  I found a water bottle with some sealed packets of an unidentified substance stuffed inside it.

 While the packets appeared to be resealed and had English writing on them there was a silvery powder in the bottle.  I commented on the radio that it looked like magnesium, but rather than handle it further I called BP and they traveled to my position in about a half an hour. The agents said it appeared to me a homemade hand heater of some sort.  When I mentioned the item later to a friend of mine who is a former marine he speculated that it might also be used as a heat source to distract a thermal imaging device.
 While the BP agents visited me at my position they informed me of the incident prompting the abundance of action earlier in the day.  Apparently 4 groups of 10 illegals made it through and the agents were only able to capture 2 of them.  They speculated that many men might still be hiding in wait.  The agents also informed us that they had intelligence that a red 94 Dodge Durango might be one of the pickup vehicles on highway 94 and told me to be on the lookout.  I radioed the info the rest of the men but we never spotted the vehicle in question.
 However, about 1245 a teal colored late model Chevy 4×4 pickup suddenly appeared on the border road and passed Big Bob at a relatively high rate of speed just west of Patriot Point.  Apparently the truck entered the border road area via one of the less traveled trails rather that Forest Gate road.  He passed Lil Dog who was sitting on top of the 241 monument. And then came into my view as he rounded the west side of 241. Lil dog had reported the suspicious vehicle to the BP who were very interested in it’s purpose and destination.  The BP then contacted us directly by radio and requested to be kept informed of his movements and whereabouts.  I radioed that the Chevy was headed west on the border road between the 241 and Cap Rock.  He got up to the side of 241 and then stopped.  The 124 tower somewhat obscured my view abut I do not think anyone got in or out, meanwhile BP was coming from the east west and north.  The Chevy took one of the lesser used trails down from the old grader south toward 94 and out of view.  Then he appeared on 94 heading east only to turn right into one of the houses in the Zuellner’s valley area.  The BP supervisor along with two other agents in another truck got the directions from us directly via our radios and pulled in right behind him.  They talked for a while I watched through my binoculars and after about 15 minutes the agents left.  They informed us via radio hat the Chevy driver claimed he was just out testing his 4×4!  Strange that he did it in exactly the area where so much illegal action an noisy BP activity had taken place just hours earlier. Anyone with common sense would have to know he would look suspicious and draw the attention of the Border Patrol and the dedicated civilian border observers.
 At 1715 my trusty side-mounted tracking shorted out.  I set up watch at the “Donut Hole” and stayed there for awhile before setting off on patrol.  With little observed activity at 0200 I headed for my camp at the 138 for a few hours sleep. 
 Monday 31DEC07 New Years Eve:
 I awakened at 0630 to a bad wind.  I got up and secure my slowing shredding tent.  Then I tried to fix my go-light to no avail. I did manage to rewire my side-light, however. At about 0930 I took off west down the border road to Tecate with Lil Dog riding shotgun (literally).  I had never been farther than Bell valley and had never been all the way through the unguarded railroad tunnel.  Lil Dog phoned the BP at told them we were going all the way to Tecate and would also be touring the tunnel.  We walked into the tunnel and all the way through it into Mexico.  The National Guard covered us in their helicopter!  Lil Dog and I became illegal aliens for a short time to exemplify just how easy it is to penetrate America’s porous southern frontier.  Homeland security my ass!

Later, on the way to Tecate, Lil Dog showed me several spots where there used to be regular incursions.  The fire had scorched much of the brush, eliminating cover and discouraging some intruders.  In on spot a vehicle barrier had been erected, easily driven around or stepped over. Naturally I had to step over it.


This was my second incursion into our not so friendly neighbor to the south.  Our trip west terminated at the brand new, still under construction, but nearly finished, port of entry, complete with truck scales, at Tecate.  Our illustrious government can’t build a goddamn fence but it can sure throw up a new port of entry!  And it’s complete with signs to roads that haven’t been built yet!!
By 1200 we had returned and the winds had gotten worse.  I decided to break camp in the daylight and sleep in my truck that night.  I had to tie a leather strap to my wrist and the other end to each section of tent and tarp to keep them from going airborne.   After loading my truck I patrolled a while and then ended up back at the “donut hole” watching traffic at the ranchita across the way in Mexico.  At 1630 Lil Dog delivered a meal to my truck!  It had been prepared by a couple who just started coming up to Patriot Point to see where all the money they had sent Gilchrest was going.  When they realized ZERO dollars they sent him were going to the men on the line they decided to pitch in, help with observing and made many meals.  I ate good old home cooked breakfasts both mornings I was there and then they made a new years eve supper of cheeseburgers, quesadillas, salsa and pumpkin pie, delivered on site by the Dog himself.  God Bless them all!!

Unfortunately the moon would not rise until the wee hours of the morning and the wind grew to gale force.  Barely able to see for the blowing debris, even with my ATN night vision, and completely unable to listen for intruders I tried to switch on my motion detectors and wait it out.  The blowing debris and waving brush set off the detectors every few minutes, rendering them useless.  Disgusted with my inability to observe in any capacity, and with my truck already loaded, I called it quits and relocated back to my home 20.
 I plan on returning to the line in Campo, California on or about 19JAN2008.
 I urge any and all dedicated patriotic Americans to come to Campo, or virtually anywhere else on our southern border and see for your self how the government is selling us out.  Feel free to e-mail me at c1cmmp@yahoo or go to for directions and instructions.
 God Bless Y’all and God Bless The United States of America.
         Semper Vigilans,


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