Border Duty Update 26-28OCT07

  I arrived in Campo about 2100 on Friday, 26OCT07 and immediately began my patrol.  About 2130 I met up with a BP agent in a jeep on the service road just east of the 239 monument. As is my habit I asked him if there was anything he would want me or not want me to do to help and as usual the agent expressed gratitude for having extra eyes on the border and just advised me to be wary.  He said the agents had had a meeting earlier to discuss the possibility of a large influx of invaders in the Campo area, since west of there was crawling with all manner of fire and law enforcement personnel due to the Harris fire which was still burning at the time.  The other school of though was that there might be very few illegal crossers for the very same reasons.  It was my experience that the latter turned out to be true.  I spent most of the night in the 138-139 area, sitting in front of 239 or up under the 139 tower and patrolling from time to time from buzzards peak, otherwise known as“Patriot Point” to La Gloria canyon, mainly to stay awake.  After visiting with the BP agent at 2130 I did not see a single BP agent until 0430 when two agents were leaving the area west of Lil Dog at high speed.  About 0600 two four door pickups headed east down the service road.  While they looked a bit suspicious, when I radioed Kingfish , who was holding his position on the east side of Smith canyon, he reminded me that deer season had just officially started and they were probably hunters. Then I slept for a couple of hours in the bed of my truck under the shade shed at 138.
 On Saturday mid-morning I ventured east to visit with Kingfish at his position.  One of the suspicious trucks was parked under a tower just west of Smith.  While speaking with Kingfish a BP agent came up and asked us if we knew whose truck it was parked under the tower and apparently the second truck was parked just east of Kingfish.  We told him they weren’t with us and he left to investigate.  Deer hunting must not have been very good as we never heard any shots, if, indeed, they were hunters at all.  A few minutes later a four door SUV came up on us and four San Diego County Deputy Sheriffs got out.  At first I thought we might be in trouble the way they sped up and jumped out.  As it turns out they were taking the scenic route to provide security at the Harris fire and wanted to see the border.  None of them had ever been there before.  They inquired as to how to get to Forest Gate Road and back to 94 and since I was heading back that way I offered to give them a guided tour, which they accepted.
 These uniformed law enforcement officers were aghast at the unguarded gaps in the fence and general lack of “Homeland Security.”  We stopped at various locations and I told them tales of catching large numbers of illegals crossing in broad daylight, of scaring Mexicans BTM and of being shot at from the south.  They thanked me profusely for the tour when I showed them out Forest Gate.  It was an honor to have been able to show them around.  And they also expressed gratitude to all of the civilians on the border who spend their own time and money to assist the BP in guarding our porous southern frontier.
 Saturday afternoon, after helping Ridgerunner fine tune and adjust the live border cameras for I decided to take a little nap in the back of my truck under the oaks when the phone rang.  It was Mad Max!  Apparently he had been working in Las Vegas and was trying to get back to the border.  I will confess, it does get in your blood and when away, I to yearn to be back on border duty.
 Saturday night was uneventful.  I spent most of the night in my lawn chair next to the rock at 138.  The moon was full and visibility was excellent with or without night vision.  I detected no invaders.  I left the area Sunday about noon and on the way home did some scouting and sight seeing in the area east of Jacumba. Feel free to browse my rather touristy photos.  And please come to Campo.  We need as many responsible citizens as we can muster to stand guard.  For directions and SOP please visit and for weather (it’s getting chilly at night) please go to
Feel free to e-mail me at
 I hope to be back on the border Saturday 10NOV07(Happy Birthday to the USMC, established 1775) and will definitely be back on duty during the Thanksgiving holiday.  Which reminds me to express my gratitude to all the current and former men and women of our armed forces for their service to this wonderful country.  Happy Veterans Day.  We would not have the freedom we enjoy without you.  Thanks!
God Bless y’all and God Bless America
Semper Vigilans

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