On Vacation

  I am currently on vacation in my home state of Texas.  On the way here I took a few side trips.
On 1Aug I patrolled the border south of Yuma in the San Luis area. Despite having 3 fences, a canal, and large flood lights, as well as two National guard posts totaling 7 men (at least that I saw and spoke to), there were still booties and blankets littering the area.  I made one long pass down the border road in daylight before heading back to the highway. 
On 2Aug I spent the day in the Bisbee, AZ area with a dear friend of mine who just happens to be the recently retired Intelligence Analyst for the Border Alliance Group of the Cochise County Sheriff's Office.  I got a tour of the border in the Naco area and gained some very interesting, if not disheartening and discouraging insights from him.  I will not quote him or detail his opinions online at this time but will disseminate the info individually to my cohorts on the border in Campo when I return. This man's first job was to keep an eye on the MCDC!!
3Aug I traveled from El Paso to Laredo via Ft. Stockton,  Langtry, Del Rio and Eagle Pass. I was unable to get right on the border as most of it is private property.  I did see a couple of the ladders over fences that JJ had told me about. I skirted the Rio Grande for many miles and  lost count of the number of BP checkpoints, complete with dogs, that I passed through.
 That afternoon I drove all over Laredo. There are numerous ports of entry into Mexico there and the trade is flowly freely, which was one of the things my Intelligence Analyst friend commented on and which I will detail later.
I drove viewed the new 255 toll road ( only 4 lanes wide) and the I-35 as well as the relatively new I-20 "World Trade Bridge" and nowhere was there any evidence of a massive, football field wide Nafta SPP superhighway being built. This is not to say they don't plan to, but there is nothing being built on that scale at present in the Laredo area.
I took a few pictures along the way.  Nothing too exiting.  I will post them at some point at  http://www.charlieuno. com     Until then y'all keep up the good work.
Glad to be back in the Great State State of Texas for a while, had an awesome chicken fried steak today……. …..
God bless y'all and God Bless America

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