Border Update 29JUN-1JUL07

Border update 6/29-7/1/07

  I arrived at Outdoor World in Boulevard, California in my new truck on Friday afternoon 29JUN07.  I set up my camp, rigged up my vehicle and headed down the 94 to Campo.  CzechStan, Alleghany, Watchdog and Gabacho were camped in The Oaks.  After visiting for a short time I set off for Buzzards Peak, more commonly referred to as Patriot Point.  Since beginning my forays to the border in August of 2005 I had only had radio contact with Lil Dog, but had never met him in person.  I wanted to thank him for his continued service, inquire as to his health, having heard he recently had a heart attack, and to hear about how he was recently fired upon.  I got to see the gouge in the hood of his truck where someone south of the border had tried to shoot off his spotting scope.  Luckily he was not looking through it at the time of the shooting! (0430).
  I asked Dog about patrol protocol as the Campo Minutemen had been told not to venture past the PCT (The Monument at the end of Forest gate Rd otherwise known as the 240).  He said that it was his understanding that the Border Patrol had asked any minutemen to stay east of the 241 monument, the mountain just west of Patriot Point.  As the sun was setting I set off on patrol.  Almost as soon as I hit the border road I encountered a BP agent who verified Dog’s assessment. In fact, the agent complemented me on my rig and encouraged me to patrol the border road west of Dog and to simply turn around at the base of 241.  Throughout the evening this agent and I passed each other going different directions and he repeatedly told me to keep up the good work.
 I alternated between patrolling back and forth between the 241 and Patriot Point and extending the patrol on to La Gloria.  On the return of one of these extended runs I came across the agent on foot in the valley west of Dog.  The agent was tracking 5 illegals that had apparently slipped though between his patrol and mine.
 Around 0330 I parked at the 139, switched on my motion sensors and took a catnap for a little over an hour.  It was a quiet night and as the full moon set I relocated to Kingfish’s old point on the west side of Smith canyon to watch the glorious sunrise.  I left the area around 0830 and headed back to camp.
 Around 1330 on Saturday I headed back to the border. This time I headed down Tierra Del Sol road and entered the border road at Red Shank, where the National Guard have a small post.  I spoke with the Guardsman on duty, explained my mission and he assured me he would notify BP that I was a friendly.  I proceeded east from Tierra Del Sol down the border road.  East of Smith canyon there is a BP shade shed at about the 147-149 area ( the power poles are not numbered on the border road on that side)  I pulled up under the shade to remove my Mossberg 590, loaded it and placed it in my newly adapted shotgun holder.  The rear seat of my new pickup has, or should I say had, the DOT mandatory baby seat hookup point, which I have adapted to hold my scattergun.  At that time two BP agents came up and visited for a minute.  I told them I was heading into Smith canyon and on to Campo.  They told me to be careful, then the agent in the jeep asked me to go ahead and resume my journey, as he wanted the shade shed for his watch.
 It was about 1500 and I was a little less than halfway down the east side of Smith when I looked off the side of the road and viewed two illegals heading north.  It was a man and a woman in full sun in the heat of the day.  The further down Smith you get the less cell phone coverage there is culminating with zero coverage, at least for my two units, at the bottom.  Luckily I had one bar and was able to call the Campo station.  I gave them the report and ventured on to the bottom of Smith to wait.  The two BP agents I had just spoken with, one in a jeep and the other in a truck were the responders.  They ventured up into Smith and retrieved the hot and thirsty pair of unlucky invaders.  The BP agents commended me and said the two told them a group of ten had come trough before them and had left them behind. They got water and a cool ride to the Campo station.
 I made my way to Patriot Point and there, on the road below Dog’s place was the same BP agent I had visited with on my last trip to the border, 14JUN07. (see my last post) I told him I was the guy on the motorcycle and he remembered me.  Then he asked me if I would help them during shift change.  He said there was a group trying to come across just east of Cap Rock and there was a high point he would like to place me on as there were only two agents patrolling at the time.  I explained that it was my understanding that I was not to venture past the 241, but he said no, I was more than welcome to accompany him to the area of the 126 and it would be of great help.  We stopped at the 127 and spoke with the other agent on duty and he too was happy to have me work with them and hold the high ground across from where they expected a group to cross.
  Along the way we stopped and the agent explained tactics and gave me the actual names of landmarks should I need to call in a report.  He also gave me the two phone numbers to the Tecate BP station as I was in their jurisdiction now.
 I stayed on the high point close to the 126 from about 1700 until nearly 2100. By then it was getting too dark, and while I have an excellent night vision device, the distance was too great for it to be effective, though I did have some luck putting my binoculars up to the night vision for some distance viewing.  I never did see any crossers and for a time felt like I had been sent on a snipe hunt, except that it was an excellent spot to cross, being in close proximity to Highway 94 and having several breaks in the fence.  It was also the exact area where I viewed spotters and would be crossers on my 14JUN trip. Before the sun went down I watched from a distance as Dog, Gabacho and some others re-raised the American flag that some Mexicans removed from the 241.  I also watched as a Grupo Beta truck drove from the eastbound down the Pemex road and stopped right behind the stand of trees that the BP agent  had claimed to hold some migrants preparing to cross! As the moon came up it blinded my view but put my post in the spotlight so I relocated back to the east. I patrolled from 241 to La Gloria several times then, exhausted I left the area  around 0100 and headed back to camp.
 On Sunday morning after breaking camp I briefly patrolled the Shockey Truck Road/Smith Canyon area.  I spotted no illegals and no minutemen but there were lots of BP agents in the area so I headed for home.
 Though I only helped apprehend two illegals this time, who knows how many I might have deterred?  I feel very validated that the BP would invite me to patrol and direct me to areas where they need assistance.  Several also complimented me on my new truck and on the spotlight, sidelight and sensors.  
I hope to return to the area in a couple of weeks, money permitting.  Won’t you join me? The line needs reinforcements and the agents can use responsible citizens as extra eyes. I hope to see you there.  This concludes my report.

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