Border update 14Jun07 FLAG DAY

Campo update 14June07

I arrived at Outdoor World in Boulevard, California about 1200 on Thursday 14JUN07 (Flag Day).  I like to stay at this particular RV park sometimes.  It’s very peaceful and in close proximity to the border near Tierra Del Sol.  After I made camp I donned my Kevlar and rode my Honda XR400 to the border.  I rode from Tierra Del Sol to “The Oaks” at Campo. I was happy to see an unusually large amount of BP agents between Tierra Del Sol and Smith canyon.  I was also relieved to see that the border road on that section appeared to have been plowed somewhat and the usually large number of holes under the fence greatly diminished.
  Kingfish was attending a rally in LA and Max had left the border temporarily to make more permanent evacuation plans.  Ridgerunner was in The Oaks as were two new men, neither of which were mobile.  After visiting a while I continued west toward Bell Valley.  I encountered a BP agent at the old railroad tunnel into Mexico and another one on the other side of the tracks on the high point over looking the “dairy farm” in Mexico.  I also noticed a brush fire close to the dairy farm in Mexico.  See pictures to the right on my blog: along with an article about Mexican decoy brush fires.  If you click on the pictures some have captions.
 I made my way to Bell Valley where I encountered yet another BP agent.  This agent and I talked for over half an hour.  He was frustrated, as you might expect and I allowed this guardian of our porous southern frontier to vent. He complained that the round brushes they are required to use now to sweep the roads are nearly useless.  The invaders use branches from nearby plants to bush over their footprints and they result looks just like the striations the round BP road brushes make. Max enlightened me about this very thing several months ago.  What I didn’t know was that the BP used to use tires tied together to drag the road.  This left a smooth layer of dust on the road that made it very hard for the illegals to disguise their tracks.  The agent claimed that some “environmentalists” found out about the tire dragging and claimed that the dust interrupted the mating cycle of some local butterflies.  Apparently they raised an uproar to sympathetic, albeit treasonous, bureaucrats and then the agents received the order to discontinue using the effective tire dragging technique. He also complained that the now required round brushes so erode the road that in places it is now down to bare rock and dragging is of no use at all.
 I asked him what he thought about Ramos and Compean being jailed and what he said surprised me.  Agents are required to go to the range once a month and in a addition to practicing with their weapons are fully informed of when and when not to shoot and what the exact procedures are once a weapon has been fired.  His contention was that had Ramos and Compean followed procedure they would not be in prison and that they should have known better.
  As I prepared to depart the agent informed me that they had caught a few coming over in the low area of the road just east of the peak I believe is known as Cap Rock.  He said they had seen about 40 on the south side and expected them to cross when the got the chance.  He urged me to be careful, especially since I was on a dirt bike.  He told me tales of being hit with big rocks while assigned to an ATV detail.
 I thanked him for his service to our country and he said the same to me.  I headed back east toward Campo. Sure enough as I came up on the peak around 124 there were three spotters on the top.  I doubled back and informed the agent who was sitting by the railroad tunnel.  Then I headed back.  I stopped by the peak and the spotter and I watched each other through binoculars for a minute or two.  Having been shot at on my last mission I was leery of staying still too long with the enemy on the high ground.  I gunned the motor and headed around the mountain.  As I rounded the bend I spotted two men in the low spot, right where the agent had said I might see people trying to cross.  They appeared to be trying to invade but upon hearing my scooter and seeing me they ducked into a ravine.  I phone in a report to BP on my Boost mobile as my Cingular phone.had no signal. (It pays to have alternate means of communication)  I watched for a bit while staying hugged up close to the base of the peak where the spotters could not see me. Then, as the sun was setting by then I headed down the border road,  Past Lil dog and the oaks, through La Gloria and Smith canyons and all the way down the border road to Tierra Del Sol.  I passed three BP agents on the east side of Smith along the way.
  As I exited the border by the spot where the National Guard has a post, I noticed a BP jeep in my rearview mirror.  I thought nothing of it until he hit his siren!  I pulled over and he got out, with a smile I might add, and asked me what I was up to.  I told him I was a civilian border observer and thanked him for pulling me over and checking me out.  I would’ve been disappointed otherwise.  Imagine a man on a black desert bike with a with an armor bearing vest loaded with phones, radios and 9mm magazines and wearing a MICH combat helmet just tooling up and down the border without arousing suspicion.  I would have stopped me for sure.  He laughed and declined to view my driver’s license or concealed carry permit and thanked me for being extra eyes.  This, with only one exception, has been my experience when encountering BP agents.  They are grateful for the much needed help.  I headed back to Outdoor World to prepare for the night shift.
 I outfitted my old truck with my remote controlled spotlight and my motion sensors and headed for Campo about 2030.  I stopped at the little store in Cameron Corners and when I was leaving Gadget pulled up.  As we were talking window to window I heard a loud noise.  I thought it was a diesel pulling in behind us but it turned out to be my clutch! I went ahead and patrolled the Campo line until about 0100 but the clutch sound kept getting worse.  Not wanting to ended up in the bottom of La Gloria with no clutch like I did last August I headed back to Outdoor World and the next morning I cut my trip short and headed for home.  I made the 150 mile return trip just fine but will have to  rethink my next trip.  With 189000 miles on my old truck, much of it rough border duty it might be time to get a new border buggy.
  I am committed to at least one weekend a month on the border and I still plan on making it to Campo sometime in July if not sooner.
Please join us if you can.  The Campo line needs reinforcements. View the website:  for directions and equipment requirements.  Feel free to e-mail me at if you want to coordinate your weekend with mine.
God Bless Y’all and God Bless America.
 This concludes my report.



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