Border Update 4/9-4/11/07

Campo update 4/9-4/11/07

 I had some time off during the week so I packed up extra gear and headed for the border.  Because I was “on vacation” and had my scooter (Honda XR400) with me I decided to stay at Outdoor World, the campground near Tierra Del Sol.  I arrived in the afternoon on Monday 4/9/07 and set up camp. Then I drove my truck to Campo for a night of border watch.  That night’s patrol was uneventful at least for the part that I was there.  I left the border about 0200 and went back to camp for some shuteye.
 Tuesday morning 4/10 I donned my Kevlar and patrolled the border on my scooter.  I went from just east of Campo all the way to where the border road ends west of Tierra del Sol.  While I did not catch any illegals, evidence of crossings were everywhere.  The stretch of border fence from Smith canyon to east of Tierra Del Sol is full of large holes and border booties and blankets were everywhere.  Meanwhile the National Guard was building a “pump house” on the border road for some reason.  I know that the men and women there were just following orders, but who gave them that asinine order?  For two days a half a dozen men worked on that tiny concrete block structure and never finished it.  Meanwhile there are sections of the fence where there is a man-sized hole every 20 feet!  Simultaneosly George Bush was in Yuma proclaiming arrests of illegals are down and the border is ever more secure.  What a sad, treasonous joke.
  I patrolled in my truck in Campo that night.  Before leaving about 0100 I check “the pit” just east of the PCT.  It has been wired and cut open several times and when I left it was plugged with tree branches.  Wednesday morning however it had been cleared of debris and there was evidence of an illegal intrusion overnight.
I am saddened that more people are not patrolling Campo and the surrounding areas.  I am committed to going down once a month and will continue to do so at my own (considerable) expense.  I urge every patriotic American to donate some time on the border.  If you can’t spend time then please donate to the Campo Minutemen at
  My camp was in fairly close proximity to the Minuteman Civil Defense Corp’s (MCDC) “Camp Vigilance” In addition to being a Campo Minuteman and an independent civilian observer I am also and MCDC member. Though I have never deployed with them, I visited their camp and attended a meeting.  I was impressed with their dedication.  I urge all border watch groups to lay aside their petty differences and work together to save our great country from invasion and remain vigilant at a government and politicians that seem bent on selling out it’s citizens.
 I packed up and headed for home the night of 4/11/07. I will return to Campo the last weekend in May.
 Please fell free to click on the photos at right for a pictorial account of my most recent visit to our porous and insecure southern border.
Thanks for your support,

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