The French Media arrive and depart. Max remains.

That's right.  The French news media arrived in Campo on February 11th.  They came do do a story on some joker, not affiliated with the Campo Minutemen, who apparently strung up a few strands of barbed wire east of La Gloria canyon, posted pictures of it on the web and then proceeded to solicit donations. The French media man asked Max if the "fence builder" was a charleton. Max said guys like that give charletons a bad name.

Meanwhile Max stays on the border 24/7.  Holed up in the freezing weather he is the one "doing the job most Americans refuse to do".  If you are going to donate to the cause, donate directly to Max.  E-mail me at for details.
Donations sent to are also badly needed and will not go waste, as with some "minuteman" organizations.
With the Campo Minutemen every cent is is put to use on the border and none is spent on administrative follies or to  aggrandize and elevate individuals to salaried positions.
I do not require, receive or request any donations from Campo Minutemen or any other minuteman organization.  I do, however, gratefully accept the physical assistance and tactical support provided by all dedicated patriots, regardless of affiliation, who join us from Boundary Peak to Bell Valley as we patrol the California border, observing and reporting the invasion of the United States of America.

P.S.  I mow my own grass too…….

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