Plea for support


  I was on the border at Campo February 10th, 11th and left on the morning of the 12th.  The weather was cold and wet and miserable. Two men remain there 24/7, Max and Ridgerunner.  The three of us did what we could but at night the fog was too thick to see.  In the morning when visibility improved evidence of the invasion was all about, from the PCT to east of La Gloria I picked up bottles and booties.  In La Gloria itself I picked up numerous squares of denim placed as to resemble a trail or markers for where to step?  It was odd…..A new ploy I have not seen before.  But all around it was obvious many had crossed, footprints on the border road, fresh bottles of Mexican water, I even found a 200 peso note!

 Sunday night, before the fog got too thick to see I spotted flashing lights on the south side, then noticed at least two men with flashlights trotting north on the road behind the oaks.  BP was notified and quick to the scene.  I don't know if they ever caught the group or how many there were, but the agent on the scene verified that several had just came through.

Through the horrible weather they are still invading our country and there 24/7 are Max and Ridgerunner.  The have chosen to give up virtually all to remain on the line at Campo, but they are in need of support.  Tireless patriots they are the through it all with very little in the way of donations.  Which brings me to my plea.

With all of the good causes to donate to, Ramos, Compean, Hernandez etc. and with all the many "Minuteman" groups it's hard to know where money is needed and indeed if it will get to where it is needed at all.  I am asking that if you can, please donate to Max and Ridgerunner at Campo.  I have discussed this with Max at length and am willing to have donations sent to my PO box as these men have virtually no mail service, and will personally deliver 100% of the money to these two men, these tireless defenders of our porous frontier.

 If anyone can donate please e-mail me for details.  Or go to Campo, California, do the job your government won't do, and hand these men a little well-earned combat pay in person.

I commend you all for the various jobs you do in this effort. The people who scour the news and keep us informed by e-mail, the men and women who go to the protests and who expose the day labor sights, the conservative political aspirants.  The weekend warriors like myself.  The patriot movement needs you all.  But don't forget the men who choose to remain on the front line through thick and thin.  Don't forget Max and Ridgerunner.  Please e-mail me for donation details.

 God Bless Y'all and God Bless the United States of America                                                                         


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