Mad as hell

I started this blog as a homeland security forum.  But now I am as mad as hell.  Border agents arrested jailed and beaten up for doing their job.  The senate attaching immigration reform to the minimum wage bill. Bush allowing all of this while spending billions in Iraq and leaving our back door open while trying to eliminate our borders all together with the SPP.  


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  1. Charlie Uno
    Waking up America is a major undertaking. Most unconcerned citizens are content to listen to the MSM for their info. You can fill volumes with what they don't tell the public about the lack of upper level governmental support in closing the gaps in our border. I bristle every time I hear about all the Federal funding for Iraq, Afganistan and even rebuilding Beirut after their little war, and yet their isn't funding allocated to the Border Fence after it was approved by our Government ! This virtual fence is just a smokescreen for leaving the door ajar

    February 28, 2007 at 12:21

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