For the record I hope I’m wrong….

I keep waiting for one of the talking heads on radio and TV, right wing or left, to mention this and no one does.  Not even Rush or “The Great One” who normally are way ahead of the game have brought up the following scenario:

If (or when) the United States takes action against Iran, Iran will activate sleeper cells already in this country.

These terrorists have been streaming into this country one way or another for years if not decades.

The terrorists are patient.

America is complacent.

(Democrats are complicit)

The terrorists are determined.

Americans are in denial.

These bad actors have been here for years. It would not surprise me if they didn’t have nukes here as well. Common sense tells us Iran has had some nuclear capability for years, despite what the media might say or politicians might want the public to believe.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t take action against Iran. I’m just saying that when I hear someone like Hannity saying the President will act swiftly and decisively and that there will not be a prolonged war or “boots on the ground”  he’s talking about over there…..

I’m talking about here.

The talking heads never follow up with the consequences likely to happen in the homeland when the world’s greatest state sponsor of terrorism activates operatives that at some point strolled across our porous southern frontier virtually unchecked.

Did you really think that thousands of swinging dick, military age males  from all over the world just wanted to sneak into the country for a better life?






Stay informed

You can’t stop what’s comin’ -we already let it go too far…

But we can be ready

Vocatus alque non vocatus,

Deus adherit









Enjoy your freedom while you can for if the price of freedom is eternal vigilance then America as we knew it is not long for this world.




Stay informed





Where’s the concern? No, WHERE’S THE OUTRAGE?

On May 28, 2019, 23 days ago, I posted a link to this news release detailing the first publicized 15 illegals from the Congo caught by BP:

Border Patrol Agents Apprehend Group of 15 from Congo

I retitled the link “Ebola Anyone

People paid it no mind.  Now hundreds from ebola infected countries are being caught on a daily basis. Where’s the concern?  Where is the outrage?  Will Americans have to start bleeding from every orifice before this madness stops?  WAKE UP AMERICA!

The “incubation period” lie about Ebola, and why America is vulnerable to an Ebola outbreak from infected migrants

Border Agents Getting Sick From Illegal Aliens, Worry About Contracting Ebola From African Illegals

How do we honor these great men?

By allowing the third world to invade our homeland in droves?

By allowing corrupt solicialist politicians to dictate policy?


D-Day: 17 stunning photos from 1944 show how hard the Normandy invasion really was

Look What Mexico Is Thinking About Doing!

While border detention centers in this country are overflowing with people who were allowed to transit through Mexico and who SHOULD NOT BE HERE,

Demolition considered for some 400,000 abandoned housing units in Mexico!